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June 26, 2008


There's a renegade cow on the lam.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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How now, Brown cow? WTFBBQ? And get off my lamb!

And who doesn't love a little "cow on the lam" action these days?

"I'm hoping we get it before someone gets hurt."

Just look for the BBQ smoke.

I'm hoping we get it before someone gets hurt.
If the cow is on the lamb, I would suggest that the lamb may already be hurt.

sounds like they better get the swat team out there............this cow will NOT be stopped. Pull on my teats, will you.. back off, bub.

Regarding the blog's busted email and reference to 'everybody', I have the following I would like to offer. Just so you know.

Ok, I have swapped out the processor on two systems this morning, been in contact with the motherboard support and AMD support. After much troubleshooting and diagnosing my similar to the Blog's Email problem, I have discovered a bum processor. Out of warranty at the retailer and the Mfg. AMD. I STIIL managed to get a replacement from reseller, CPU is out of warranty and THEY paid for the shipping there AND BACK!

Renegade Cow. Good name for my sister in law.

Note: I told technical support they are no better than verizon's tech support. And they are still talking to me. So, I gave them the blog's email address.


At least until, well, you know.

I have been told to isolate my MB, how do I do that? This is what tech support sent me. I told them I have already assembled everything on a box outside the computer case. When they answered back, 'yeah, sure you have," that's when I gave them the blog's email address. It's working now right..

We should alert the US Border Patrol too. Fredericton is only a few miles from the Maine border. The cow could be looking to seek asylum.

Stop the cow!

Unnamed sources say the cow may now be travelling using a clever disguise.

You sneak!

This story is so cheesy. A better title:

Bovine Bandit Bypasses Bothered Boffins

on the other hand, it may just be a really lonely guy.

Bwahaha - we will not be stopped!

oops, Annie. You got stopped.

I herd she's headed to Miami dressed as a shark learning how to do the limbo.

They're gonna be searching for heifer.

Annie, you're gonna need anudder linky.

Rats. Stupid linky.

You isolate your motherboard by calling it names and not letting it play with you and your friends...

Be afraid....be very, very afraid...

"The cow could be looking to seek asylum."

Or a silo.

Overheard at the border crossing:

"What is the purpose of your visit?"
"And how long will you be heifer?"

LOL funny. Now the tech support people at Mach Speed can go around laughing all day about the guy who said they sound like the tech people at Verizon. You idiots! Idiots!


I'll send you a case of beaver testicles...

You're awesome, frodo !
*wonders just who, exactly, the testicles are for*

Fredericton...so opening night should be safe.

(and since N.B. is the bilingual province/puisque le N.-B. est la province bilingue,)
Frédéricton...donc ça ne va pas gêner la botté d'envoi.

When I see Cow on the lam all I think of is A-1 & mint jelly. Damned carniverous proclivities.

I "googled" the term "Narcissism medications", and (ISIANMTU), the first return was for this... "Physhological effects" sounds like the aftermath of the "Carp-o-rama"...

Also, noticed no one else on the blog has mentioned that "Renegade Cows on the Lam" WBAGNFARB...

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