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June 30, 2008


...this blog cannot deviate from its strict policy against linking to sites containing names that people might make fun of. We apologize for any inconvenience.

(Thanks to Adam)


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...“the sky split in two. Fire appeared high and wide over the forest.... From ... where the fire was, came strong heat.... Then the sky shut closed, and a strong thump sounded, and I was thrown a few yards.... After that such noise came, as if . . . cannons were firing, the earth shook ...”
Viva Vi@gra!

I've always wondered what the scientific world meant by a "seminal study."

"In this artist's conception..."

I wonder how many paintings Semen has conceived.

or what he used as his paintbrush...

I see no funny names in this article

"Tunguska" is kinda amusing...

Just watched a science program on this. It was a huge ball of ice that exploded, that's why there is no crater, but lots of damage. Or that's the theory. I personally think Mother Earth passed gas, and you know how lethal us old ladies can be in that regard.

semenov wasnt bad enuf. why didnt they name him tyler, or dylan or summfin.

After the explosion, he swam upstream.

Pity they didn't mention his brother Jakov.

Newspaper editor, 1908:
Were you able to reach any of the eyewitnesses to the explosion?

Not yet. But right now I'm trying to get Semenov.

Jeez. That wasn't what I asked. Offawhat?

Not my blue dress.

Semen Semenov?


I don't know why this came to mind...

His son would be (Mikhail) Semenovich Semenov; his daughter would be (Ludmila) Semenovna Semenova.

Poor guy.

What? I don't get it. Just because he doesn't do something manly like NASCAR...

A quote from the story that has me wondering if there was a journalistic purpose to this usage, or it was merely fortuitous happenstance ...

,,, Ever since the Tunguska event, scientists and lay enthusiasts alike ...

Semenov is a good guy, we go tubing together all the time.

He's fairly ancient if he's still alive, so I imagine he's not swimming around anywhere these days.

Ancient maybe, but apparently he can still manage a raging conflagration...

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