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June 16, 2008


Here you go.


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Laces Out!

Michelle, please explain to Dave that Training Camp begins July 26 and the Pre Season begins in August. What just ended was Organized Team Activities, followed by Mini Camp (also known as Underwear Practice). For the next month or so, there will be many golf tournament and South Beach Follies stories.

Underwear Practice WBAGNFA South Beach Combination Package.

That was a greate column.

I thought all the tuna was dolphin-free.

Iconcur, Siouxie, it was excellente.

Yay for new Dave copy!

Were the players wearing their golf cleates?

I predict terrific performance from The Fish this year, particularly in terms of number of humor columns gained per quarter. And especially if you count off-the-field performance from The Big Tuna (no, Bill, not The Pig Schooner)

I couldn't agree more, Dave. I think there should definitely be more dancing in football.

Why they give Joe Rose a microphone, let alone set him in front of a camera, will forever baffle me. He has that same line of questions for every rookie on every team down here. Still ain't funny.
Meanwhile I can't wait to see which Parcels assistant comes out and keeps Jason Taylor on the roster, as he'll then be dubbed "The Albacore", because - you see - he's Dolphins safe.

I can not wait for the Seahawks to beat the dolphins.

Great column though Dave.

Wow, Dave's material is really funny. Really great. Mary Lou Henner is the Dolphins quarterback? Criminee. The Dolphins were 1 and 15 last year? Hard to play offense with your b**** tied around your hands. Parcells wears hearing aids? He has ears? I never seen them. His face is in the way. Go Dolphin. They call him Flipper. Flipper. Faster than lightening. How's the guy with birds living in his back hair at the hundred? Nevermind.

I will read this tomorrow, when the REAL newspaper arrives. Am curmudgeon.

And ink-stained.

Wow, all those eees made me thirstee.

whooo - I am "sports illiterate", but LOVED the column, as always. Thanks, Dave.

However, reading the comment section of the paper after Dave's column gives me serious concerns about our society, and their general 'tude. I thought it was just "AOL" and their redneck group, but apparently lots of our upstanding citizens feel the internet tubes give them the disguise needed to act/sound like a fool/bully with no repercussions.

tsk, tsk,....and these people have as much say with their vote as mine.

I think some people are just apt to get offended, especially when it comes to something they are possessive about. They're Dave's Dolphins too, and I know he was just being light-hearted, but take a die-hard fan that just had a rough day, show him the column, and I can see signs of trouble.

*doesn't understand why Elon would defend jerks who attack Dave,whose blog this is*

(and who is perfect!)

I think it falls into the XXXX 'em if they can't take a joke category

Fanatics of any sort have no sense of humor. In fact, they are notorious for that very trait. So I say we feed'em fish heads and forget'em.

Better get them a beer too go with the fisheads Bali

Didn't bother to read Phin's comments, though my Jags are happy to have Cleo Lemon in as our new back-up QB. This is that time of the year called the Dead Zone; until July 26th, nothing is happening in Pointy Ball and weird stories/fan derangement ensue.

*zaps in*

*just posted a comment and called that CAP dude a moron*

Very disrespectful towards Mrs. Blog.

Folks, I've found that it is almost guaranteed to be dismaying, at least to some degree, to read the comments from any internet column. Sandy, you've got it right, IMO, that these forums attract many obnoxious and ignorant people. From the handful that I have read beneath Dave's columns and other Herald columns, and elsewhere, I've concluded that it's just not worth reading or engaging with them.

As Dave once said during an exchange on THIS very blog when he was criticized for lampooning - humorously and good-naturedly - fans from a city other than Miami, the kinds of things that such people post have much more to say about them than about their targets.

I posted as well, advising an increase in meds. Boy, that was fun!

I was gonna go look and post, but I never do, over there. When Registration got to "What Is Your Gender", before allowing me to proceed, I slashed their tires and mugged their Grandma. So, obviously, I'm a Gal.

Well, yeah, CJ, based on the tire-slashing criteria. You make me proud!

*doesn't understand why Elon would defend jerks who attack Dave,whose blog this is*

Don't worry, El. It's all part of the plan. First we lure them into a false sense of security. Next we say nice things about them.

Then we hand them an 0-16 season. Gotta run, Blog Buddies....

took into the yard, by year. were punished more than to our


*shuffles off for more coffee*

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