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June 27, 2008


Drive-in weddings in Sweden.

Key Quote Indicating Overall Level Of Classiness: A gospel choir and a priest singing Elvis tunes will provide the soundtrack to the festivities.

Key Swedish Name That We Are Not Making Fun Of: Jerker Asterlund:

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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"We have added a bit of a Las Vegas touch to it and put up a huge red, neon sign which reads 'Get Married' so one can see it from afar and know where to turn off."

Yeah, turn off at the exit prior.

If the bride and groom arrive in separate cars, does that make it a mixed marriage?

Also, will weeping relatives be "Saabing"?

Hey-O! Thank you, ladies and germs. I'm here all week, try the Swedish meatballs and don't forget to tip your Elvis-impersonating cleric!

What? But we just wanted an oil change ......

Meanie?? that happens during the honeymoon (iykwim - aityd) ;-P

Siouxie: Lube job would be my guess.

Take 2:

What? But we just came in for new shocks....

[Take it away, guys]

Oh, sure, criticize. Like American weddings are so classy.

"Are you ready to nuptialllll?"

oh dear, oh dear. thank you. thank you very much.

hah! that too, Lairbo!

And fuel injection

Cat? Them looked like Canuck cans. I'm just sayin'...

bali, you are right. Better?

The guy who drove through the line by himself: "I thought nuptials meant something else..."

psst Cat R--there's a whole show about them there weddin's.

JayP ~

Well, you learn something every day!

Cat R--it's one of those "no matter how screwed up your life is, here's proof that someone is worse off than you" shows.

I was forced to watch one by my sister-in-law, and it was a train wreck. The first meeting with the officiant was down over a case of Coors Light, during which he disclosed that he got his license while in the state pen (and wore his state pen t-shirt to the ceremony), they rode horses to the gas station to order the kegs for the reception. The bride had special nude picture taken of her riding her horse for the wedding present (my first thought "That horse is going to need a bath). And the wedding cake was designed to look like Horse crap.

But I suppose that there are wedding for all tastes. For example, Star Trek weddings for the Trekkie and his bride. Although I wonder if the fact that the bride is in a red shirt is intentional...

Trekkies have weddings?

Sometimes you learn two things in a day!

Cat, they do. (they just don't know what happens on the honeymoon)

Sure they do. You synchronize your tricorders and set the phasers to "vibrate".

Can you step on it Padre?! I want you to get this baby up onna rack, make sure those front-impact bags are properly inflated, and you get that chassis properly lubed. I wanna consumate that undercarriage inside an hour!

Sorry to all bloglits in advance for the length of this post, but really needs to be said...

/OT (sorta) I lived in Tucson, moved back to Denver, but while still in Tucson, my best (see below) friend had asked me to be in her wedding, [probably as an usher, but with the groom's brother being a few egg rolls short of a buffet, maybe I would be called upon to be a groomsman]... She was my best (well, 2nd best, but 'nother story) friend while in Tucson, so I certainly agreed. Got a job in Denver area, but assured her I was still going to come down for her wedding... On 9/15/01 (yes, 4 days after), Rebekkah's wedding was planned. Fortunately, I had already decided I was going to drive down, because, as it turned out, all flights were restricted for three days. (They lifted restrictions the day I left to drive down). Most of the bride's family lived in Minnesota, most of the groom's family lived in New York (no, no one personally known to the groom was in the WTC...) But with flight restrictions, and expected people to not be available, they asked me to not only be usher, but also be a groomsman, which I gladly did... While seating guests, I asked one young lady, hubby, and kids, "Are you here for the bride or the groom?" She responded that she was the bride's sister from Minnesota, they camped out all night at the airport begging people for seats, and managed to arrange a flight to Phoenix, slept a few hours in a motel there, then drove a rental car down to Tucson to attend the wedding, but had not had a chanch to tell Rebekkah (the bride) yet, so I was supposed to keep this info quiet and confidential (which I did, as always!) Then, I stood up for the groom, we finished the wedding, and I went outside the church to stand in line with the wedding party. I saw sis come out of the church, Rebekkah did not... Until sis had gone through half the line and was finally face-to-face with Rebekkah! Trust me, NOT A DRY EYE TO BE SEEN!!!!!!!

Even guys (c'mon guys, never heard of "Manopause"?) (link later...)

If you wanna talk about DRUNK at the reception... well, you do the math... after doing the candle-light vigil at the Friday Night reception dinner???? (OK, I was drunk then, too, and spontaneously [but not kareokely] broke into "God Bless the USA"), and everyone joined in... We were ready to try to erase 9/11 from our minds, and we were so totally drunk, it's a good thing we all had rooms at the hotel where the reception was held consumed a lot of "adult beverages!"

OK, off the /OT, just needed to get it off my chest, er, mind

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