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June 03, 2008


Malmo hit by rash of doggy doo bin thefts

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Sounds like terrorist activities to me!

"Bring out the doggie-doo-bin Police!"

I picked it up in Sweden it was made of tin
Da doo run run run
Da doo run run
Somebody told me that his name was Sven
Da doo run run run
Da doo run run

Yeah, I got a steal
On some stainless steel
But now in Malmo town
Da doo run run run
da doo run run

Wow, did anyone else check out the party pics on that site?

WOW! Photo #2 looks like a flying bra.

*cancels Bucharest trip, moves to Sweden*


Jeeves! Keep your mind on topic! And whatever you do, don't go sniffing around the other pictures on Dread Pirate Chris's linky on the grass cutting thread ... ! That's got nothing to do with the subject!

Must I be the first to point out that "Dodgy Scrap Metal Dealers" WBAGNFARB? Well, not to mention "Stainless Steel Swedish Doggy Do Bins."

"la la la-la, la la la-la, malmo's weird"
(sesame street fans only)

I vote we send them all the doggy do bins they need in exchange for taking all of the known recordings of ABBA back.

Yeah, but how much could they get selling the doggie doo on eB*y? Just sayin'... Dumb criminals!
*hair flip in honor of Souxie*

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