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June 06, 2008


Tube to work.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Um, how did they get back home?

44 degree water? At least it keeps the beer cold.

Is there an American "Twit of the Year" contest underway?

um, did they check to see if anybody else wanted to feel their buttocks, eh?

Cat, more importantly, how do they deal with shrinkage.

Monty fan, yes, we are in a perpetual "Twit of the Year Contest". But we suspend the judging one day per year, we don't want any direct competition.

Confirms why Boulder remains my favourite city in the whole wide world.

Thousands of Londoners take the Tube to work. What's the big deal?

Within a week, guaranteed: Tube Rage.

"Back in my day we used to have to ride white-water rapids to work, didn't have none of this fancy "commuting" you got these days!"

Last I checked, rivers only run one way. (Or, as they would say in Germany, "Einbahnwasser."

*tosses a ) up there.


Wanted: People for a March on Washington about GAS

I am not sure how to start a march on Washington, so I will start with a post. Who else is mad about the prices of gas in this country?! We need to let the Democrats in DC know that we want action now! Specifically, congress needs to open off shore and Alaskan drilling and stop the "political games." Email me if you feel the same and want to get this March started. I say a nice 3rd of JULY March would be a good timeframe.

Send me your thoughts and ideas on how to get this thing going? DON'T BOTHER TO EMAIL IF YOUR AGAINST THE IDEA!!


**There is thousands of square miles off the U.S. coast with oil deposits. They hold an estimated 115 billion barrels of oil and 633 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. At current levels of consumption, that would satisfy the nation's oil needs for about 16 years and its natural gas needs for about 25 years.** BOB BARR FOR PRESIDENT IN 2008!!

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