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June 08, 2008


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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I decide YES!

I hope they're not stupid enough to include their full names, addresses, and phone numbers. You want to keep that stuff private. What business does a two year old do anyway besided eating, sleeping and crapping?

Also their MySpace page. Oops, these are concerned parents, I'll bet they're on Facebook.

"Ethan's mother Nicole hopes the cards will help her son build a strong friendship network."
I've been building a strong friendship network for years. And to think, I didn't even have "friendship" cards. Heh!

Let's do tantrums!

Anyone else thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? Umm, 2 year olds can't read....

Bnatral, exActly!

Unless they're Pokemon cards, it's not the kids who are using them. And age two? At age two, my kids would have been more interested in the wrapper than the contents.

1) One dollar per card!!!??! Go to VistaPrint and get free ones!

2) Oops, that won't work because these parents get parent-street-cred for spending big bucks on unnecessary items.

3) Think of the clutter of trying to store, sort, and winnow these cards.

4) By the time that these kids can even *read* a business card we won't even be using paper business cards any more.


"mom, crayon scott in for a play date at the climbing thing at mcdonald's."

"no , not when the little hand is on the two!, i'm taking a major dump then!"

ok. the ozzies win. these folk have too much money and free time.

First words, "Hey thats great, lets do sandbox sometime. Ciao Baby."

Anyone else expecting Stewie Griffin to have cards?

SNORK @ insom, then they'll put it on the kid's Outlook calendar.

for 200 bucks per 50 cards, I'll print cards on drool-proof cardstock.......... **sits in corner contemplating newfound wealth-to-come**

This is insane. It's only a matter of time before the helicopter-playdate parents of America catch on to this. Arrrgh!

You think that's bad, check out the Japanese parents. (Hope I can get this hyperlinking thing to work; it's been a while . . .)

A link on the first story leads to another story about Aussie parents buying zip-up, black leather, high heeled "follow me home boots" for their toddlers. That is a whole other kind of sick.


If you really think this is the whole Australian population then you are an idiot.

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