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June 27, 2008


Wim Delvoye has been tattooing pigs since the 1990s.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Tatoo artists in the US have been doing pigs since it became popular in the 70's.

Soooo many jokes. So little time.

They're pigs. They're not good for much else.

Butt...will it be safe to eat tattooed bacon?

Okay, I have a small tattoo of my son's name in white on my wrist, and that freakin' HURT! It's one thing to choose a tattoo, another thing entirely to inflict that on an animal. That story ticks me smooth off.

And elon? They're good for breakfast. Yum.

Bacon at that guys house is got to be pretty disturbing.

Not so much yum in my culture, Bali. That was kind of what I was hinting at.

This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy stayed home.
This little piggy had roast beef.
This little piggy had none.
And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee
all the way home, 'cause the tattoo hurt like he||!

There's something way too creepy and anthropomorphic about those pigs.

If they were real pigs they'd have a tramp-stamp above their butts.

Oh yeah Elon. Sorry.

More for me!

That pig with a swine tat...
I bet she's easy.

You beat me to the punchline

HEY bali!! don't hog all the bacon!

why go to china? i see tattoo'd pigs at the neighborhood bar every saturday.

(i believe pigs have some tough hide. may not have hurt near as much as with a human's tender flesh and, we do brand cattle and horsies)

so his signature is a pork "chop"?

Einstain said:
"Tatooing pigs is totaly useles, It wastes the ink and annyos the pig"

Definition #3 on dictionary.com for swine (noun)

a coarse, gross, or brutishly sensual person

(Of course I will now refer to myself as brutishly sensual)

I feel better already

I'll share, Siouxie. In fact, I'm having pork chops for lunch, come on down!

Poor piggies. They didn't ask for such abuse of having tacky tatoos! Look at that sweet face on that first piggy. It looks like it's smiling.

Soon all the punk pigs will be getting this tattoo.

Interesting that one of the tats seems to be of Mr. Clean and his intestines, with Mr. Wim Delv0yes' signature done in the manner of Walt D!sney's. (Check out the W and D vs. this).

Another tat is of the Little Merm@id and Seb@stian, again with the Walt D. stylized signature.

What's next? Thongs? Speedos? Breast implants?

Whoa, Ed, implants are gonna be pricey.

Think any of them have "Men-on-the-wing" tatoos?

PETA nothin' compared to an angry Mom'.


'Odysseus then you are, o great contender,
of whom the glittering god with the golden wand
spoke to me ever, and foretold
the black swift ship would carry you from Troy.
Put up your weapon in the sheath. We two
shall mingle and make love upon our bed.
So mutual trust may come of play and love.'

not tonight dear Homer, I have a headache.

I suggest you go wander about for a little while to get your mind off it, H.

Homer's dilemma.

Now I feel so lonely...rejected again.

Anybody up for some snap the whip action?

This guy's such a ham!

Those are the cleanest pigs I've ever seen... If it gets them special treatment, who are we to stop him?

What the hell is the big deal?? Any time I go to a bike night you see a group of people hanging around their Hogs, and tattoos are everywhere.

"Wim Delvoye" anagrams to "O my, we viled"... jus' sayin'

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