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June 22, 2008




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That's very dispiriting Judi . . . I need a drink now.

YOU're up early!

If you look in the mirror and see this, seek medical attention immediately. Do not delay!

Or, like MartiniShark says...

judi, you tell us this NOW???

I think I've got at least 8 of those symptoms.... Let's leave it at that, okay?

Hangovers also make the words on that sheet hard to read.
Anatomy of a Hangover WBAGNFA sumthin'....I'll think of it later after my headache's gone.

And then there is the whole appearance-enhancement reaction accompanied by the hyper-sensitivity of the naughty bits.

Those were 'naughty bits'? I thought it was dermatitis.

Judi, if 1:00 strikes you as early then it speaks to your condition! Missed some fun at the second bar, did I?

This chart is missing the "Tom Cruise Glasses" symptom. (for the ladies).

(S)he doesn't look AT ALL like the gal I took home last night... oy gevalt!


I wondered why the blog was so quiet this morning! Oh yeah...

*is cranky that he was less than 10 minutes away from the debauchery*

I know I haven't been around much lately, but I woulda joined in! Drop me an e-mail the next time y'all are going out drinking!

djt, I'm glad you're not falling for judi's scare tactics.

Think I'm gonna be sick.

Yo, djt, haven't seen you here in a long time.

I suspect it's not so much "scare tactics" as it is "more for me...!"

Oh, blargh. This means my insides look as bad as my outsides today.

Must you post so loudly?

If one stays drunk, one never need fear a hangover. (so I've hear *hic* d.)

I know the solution..........

So what's your point?!?

hmmmmm...... I'll reckon' I don't have one :-)

but you do have a solution. I know about you anesthesiologists, even If I can't spell it. they have lotsa cool solutions, but they're kinda pricey.


who you callin' a *hic* "hick"?

sometimes I miss Foster Brooks.


No hangover, here. That's what cold beer on a hot day is for.

BTW, cg tracked down our mystery fruit. Very cool part of the Everglades we messed around in and we didn't have a camera, but we saw something on the trunks of the pond apple trees that I have never seen before: bands of colored lichens that made them resemble Coral Snakes. Pluse the knuckles were definitely from an Alligator front paw.

Interesting weekend, for a bunch of reprobates!

CJ - (I posted this on the other thread too).

YAY to cg for figuring out the mystery fruit!

You guys missed a nice afternoon in Coconut Grove. Scotty's Landing on the bay. Then YOUR fav place - Hooters!

Loves me sum Hooters Wangs.

However, It was nice to spend an afternoon at the dock and in my garage, where I have toys important MANLY tools.

Umm, CJ, Hooters "Wangs?" Umm, OK, that's affirm...

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nite all!

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In other news, if you can see inside you, or other people. You are Superman. Now please stop drinking Kalel. Number IV wasn't worth getting drunk over.

I've been blurking and not posting lately... but...horrible news in our world of comedy. George Carlin died.

Carlin's death om coast to coast am and Daily Koz 1:15 EDT

I just read that, too. Wow. Amazing man. One of my fave quotes of his was when an acquaintance was explaining the allure of cocaine-
Guy: It enhances your personality.
Carlin: Yeah, but what if you're an asshole?

So sad about George Carlin. He taught my generation to push the boundaries of humor. And that has pulled me thru more than I ever planned on having to get thru. Heartfelt good wishes for his family.

Amen, Annie. My poor 17 year old daughter will have to suffer through my listening to the old vinyls...AM & FM, Toledo Windowbox, etc. Wonderful WINO-"The big sound in the big town." and...tonight's weather-DARK. Tempature at the airport, 73. But who lives at the airport? He helped us through our youth and gave us material to be the class clown.

Not sad - just great that he was with us and shared his sharp wit. He shoulda been the mascot for Depends, because nowadays a baby boomer couldn't get thru one of his shows without one.
Mr Carlin, please ask God which one of the 7 bad words she dislikes the most. If any.

He was on my list of folks I should see live before they or I die. Wish I was able to see him live. He will live on.

Al Sleet-The Hippy Dippy weatherman. Some clips on YouTube. My linky skills excape me. And he was still funny 40 years later. I still get a kick out of seeing him cleancut in clips from the early 60's.

Annie, my fave Carlin routine? When the cat smashes into the screen door and saunters off, as if to say "yeah, I meant to do that." Then, once behind the couch, "Efffin MEOW!"

I just re-read When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops? A great man is gone. I never got to see him in person.

George, RIP. We are poorer now that you are no longer with us.

For those who asked.

Thanks Alfred. He will be missed.

No problem.

Carlin routines that made me say WTFBBQ: Mr. Conductor Man on Shining Time Station.

Good morning, all. Frightfully busy last 3 days; not even close to caught up here. But.....

Carlin was a great, no doubt about it, and he gave me many wonderful bellylaughs. But it saddened me, a lot, that he became so angry over the last few years. I hope his afterlife - not that he believed in one - is a more peaceful place.

judi, Susy and all the bloglits: what a happy time you guys seemed to be having! The pics are terrific, and it was especially inspiring to see CJ's name in lights headlines ....... grilled vegetables.

i wasn't hungover either. if you don't quit drinking, it's never an issue! do i win a prize for my brilliant fruit identification skills!?

favorite carlin routine was the one about "stuff."

I had the good fortune of seeing him live three times. My favorite? Going to confessions with the priest who doesn't speak English.

"Bless me father, I touched myself in an impure manner."

"Thas OK, mayn, tres Ave Marias."

RIP, George.

awww man..I just heard. Truly sad day indeed. We've lost a great funny man. What I loved about him is that he was hysterically funny without having to curse all the time. And his "life observations" always made me say...hmm...he's got a point there.

R.I.P. Mr. Carlin

Meanie - we did have a wonderful time indeed.

Effin Meow...definately my favorite. Still use that line when I make a mistake.

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