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June 30, 2008


STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) — A school has confiscated an 8-year-old boy's birthday party invitations after they were handed out during class because it said it had a duty to ensure against discrimination.

(Thanks to John Ditchman, Jeff Meyerson and sjhaller)


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American whining has crossed the pond...

I only invite my enemies to the party and then I feed them chocolate laxative cake, and send them home saying "Thanks for coming, hope ya make it!"

Nothing says good government like intruding on an eight year old's birthday party.

Next time he should get permission from the state before such reckless discrimination.

"...a duty to ensure against discrimination."

ensure against?

I'm pretty sure there's a word for that: Prevent
(Perhaps they were ensuring that they weren't avoiding verbs that start with vowels)

I had chicken pox on my birthday. Where was the government then?

Erb, did you share them with the whole class?

You better believe it. Hugs for everyone, especially the bullies.

I remember once getting caught with gum in second grade and the teacher giving me the whole, "If you can't bring enough for everyone, then you can't have any..." crap...

So, I showed up the next day with a bag of gum, ready to hand them out to one and all like a junior Willie Wonka, but she took them all... I guess she was bluffing... (or she has a major gum fetish).

I am still bitter and possibly traumatized for life. All of my failures and shortcomings can be traced back to that one moment... I think.

Erb, was that a consenting chicken?

I don't see what's crazy about this. When I was in elementary school, we weren't allowed to pass out invitations during class unless everyone was invited.

Donkey, where is the ass? Each weekend (for the past 6 months) my neighbor's house becomes reduced to a shameless portrait of vandalism. The tree between our houses looks like this more often than not. That's my car underneath what has become 'the mystery TP girls from the private school'. I'm not kidding, this happens regularily, if that makes any sense.

There is a solution. Hand out invites to everyone. But for those you DON'T want to come, make sure the date is for several days after the real party, and the party address is wrong - for example, instead list the local Santeria pizza joint.

Kat, some of us can't afford to invite the whole dang class. And kids need to learn that they can pick friends and not have to be everyone's friend.

Just make sure it's a BYOB party....

And make sure one kid is in charge of getting the strippers...

This isn't rocket science. It's not even bottle rocket science.

If they put the teacher in charge of the strippers, the invites might not get confiscated. She might even arrange a service discount.

This was a matter of etiquette or manners. If this were in the US, the school should encourage etiquette and good manors, but as a government entity, it should not enforce the administration's concept of same.

But this was not the US, and other concepts may apply there.

My school had the same rule as Kat's: if you don't want to invite everybody, hand them out at recess or something.

oh please. this level of pc has got to go. BOOOO!

I agree, queensbee. But it's everywhere. My kids have the same rules, but teachers ignore the rules. So, is it a rule or an example of how to ignore a rule?
This was not a school-sponsored event, so technically he shouldn't have been handing anything out in class at all. The kid should've just texted his buddies on his cell phone. ;)

The Erikson Phone Co. can't survive the oppressive tax system but Parliment is on top of the important matters.

MartiniShark is having a party. Everyone is invited.

Maybe they should now play pin the tail on the jackasses.

That's right Annie, all are welcome -- I don't want Swedish Parliment barking down my snorkel.

"barking down my snorkel" WBAGNFA parlor game.

Unless the kid was handing it out while I was actually teaching, I could care less who gets invited or not. Honestly, shouldn't they be looking for the kids dealing drugs or something?

"You're invited to Tiffany's Botox & Rhinoplasty Party! Please bring your own needles and a retinol cream to share!"

I feel dicriminated, Annie. I've never been invited to your parlor games -- sure sounds like fun!

*throws an "s" to MartiniShark*
I'm glad I'm invited, Annie. I'd hate to get the authorities to confiscate the internet if I wasn't!

*flaps in for a bit*

It’s my party, and I’ll fight if I have to
Fight if I have to
Fight if I have to
You would fight too if it happened to you

Nobody knows where our sanity’s gone
But PC’s taken its place
Why would I invite the jerk
Who put his fist in my face?


My teacher told me, invite everyone
Or I’d be breaking the rules
I’m just an 8-year-old boy
But I know more than these fools


Don’t discriminate, be fair to all
If I give in, I’ll be praised
A few more years in state schools
I’ll end up totally crazed


Here in FL, the teacher would have just been jealous and offered to strip for free.

Hey! I always invite everyone to our blog parties. Or else the s.b. will take my laptop away.

YAY Ducky!! Get outta my brain! (it's pretty crowded in there)

That's what I was thinking of!

GMTA, Siouxie. Or something. How's your summer going?

Ducky! Summer's going too fast. Got my girls here and they'll be leaving me in a few weeks ;-(

But really enjoying the time though. And yours??

Zooming by, hot and dry. And waaaayy too busy. I had new tile put in the duck nest last week, and new carpet is going in on Wednesday. I have so many things boxed up and out of the closets so that the carpet folks can do their thing that it looks like we're moving. Sometimes I think that would be easier.

Is the graduate excited about going off to school before too long, or is she not thinking about it yet?

Oh yeah. She's excited and nervous. It's a good thing ;-)

(Momma's gonna have a PARTY soon!!!)

Momma DESERVES a HECK of a party! Wish I could come celebrate with you!

did someone say, "party"?

Thay did say party Wyo, but then someone took the invites.

Wyooooooooooooooo! and jug!

Siouxie mentioned having a party, but I dunno who's on her A-list.

fargin' invite-takin' bastages.

Heya Ducky. How are ya?

Wyo, how is the grandbaby doing?

Good, jug, but flapping around like crazy. See 8:42 above.

grandbaby's growin' quickly, I hear. will have to zoom down there sometime soon.

Sounds like things are good at Casa Ducky. Good for you guys.

Wyo that's great. Better zoom down there quick, because if you blink at that age they sprout awfully fast on you.

Actually, things at Casa Ducky are just getting old and worn out, jug. Not me, of course. Now, Mr. Ducky, on the other hand... ;-)


Some of us thrive on being old and worn out Ducky

jug, I think Mr. Ducky would agree with you. It's not the age, it's the mileage.

Oh, boy, Ducky, you ain't kiddin'. I is indeed the milage...

Can't BELIEVE no one has said it yet, but:

"When invitations are outlawed... Only outlaws wil have invitations."

Not to mention (except I'm going to anyway),

"They can have my invitations when they pry them from my cold, dead fingers."

btw, MS, does "barking down my snorkel"="raffling off my donut?"

No, it's worse than, "Nipping at your heels", but not quite as bad as, "Bar-b-que your A$$ with molasses".

Well, we all have a raffled donut in our past. Yet, I'm willing to subject myself to the scrutiny necessary to serve my fellow Americans. Please don't tell Dave.

Maybe Dave can be your veep. I don't think I have a raffled donut in my past. Maybe a stolen croissant, but not a raffled donut.

LMAO very cute, CJ. I made one for me ;-) sending it to my girls tomorrow.

Auntie, you've never been laid if you've never been paid...by a consenting wallaby.

I guess I've never been laid then, CJ. My husband will be SOOO disappointed!

Oh, and "Consenting Wallaby" WBAGNFARB.

Maybe not, Auntie. Many guys like being a girl's first.

Okay. Bring on the wallaby!

This is weird.

Sheesh. I need to go to bed. Night to anyone who's still awake!

LTTG, again. sigh. ftr, the boy scouts don't know how to throw a party, but they do know how to suck up the entire evening.

And I'm finally a part of the Mom's Club. Yay. Except they are all talking about MENoPAUSE. Like that's a bad thing. :)

and Clark Kent... BYOB... Bring Your Own Bob? roflmao.

I'd rather be a parliamentary ombudsman than a paramilitary soundman.

Spammers must die!

Oh, good morning all and Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day, Jeff. Are you Canadian?

Happy Birthday to none other than Punkin. And her Royal Tomatos.

Awwwwww....shucks.... *blush*

I'd throw a blog party but I don't have enough Bloody Mary's for everyone

Happy Birthday, Punkin!!!!

Thanks, Hammie!!!!!!!!

*who's bringing cake?*

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday dear Punkin Poo,
Happy Birthday to You!

Somebody say cake?

Happy birfday Punkin


*makes wish*

*blows out candles*

I LOVES cake! Especially w/ a wee bit o' cat hair with it.

*slices cake into 47 billion blog slices to share*

Punkin, did you hand out 47 billion invitations? We don't want to have to confiscate the cake, now.


I'm ready for the spankings!!!! are you???

Happy, happy birthday, Punkin !!!
Hope your day is AWESOME !

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