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June 25, 2008


Pull up your pants.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Why do we send our heros to jail?

He doesn't look like Mr. Elegant either.

*agrees with Chris*

I love this man!

I'm with Elon on this one. He either trims that unibrow and loses 20 pounds or I'm gonna blast him.

Can't we all just get along?

Actually, you're (not your) both right. I think the guy had the right idea but he needs to look in the mirror. He reminds me of the guys who look like they swallowed a whole watermelon driving around in their cars with the "Italian Stallion" and "No Fat Chicks" bumper stickers.

i was wondering when you'd ever get around to posting this.

i think cj's working on a defense fund for the guy.

He'll have to do all his own plumbing from now on.

... does he always carry a pistol around? Just in case he's assulted? And what's with this keeping-the-bullet-in bit? War wound material?

The comment-flame-war at the end of this story is what got me! I'm sorta sorry I left Florida, where shooting for a fashion faux pas is acceptable. SNORK! Would love to take aim at the poor language skills... Has there been a study of saggy-drawered people and education yet? Just sayin'...

In hindsight (heh!), it wasn't that great a shot...

In hindsight (heh!), it wasn't that great a shot...

How about a survey of those packing heat also packing extra meat? The guy doesn't need a defense fund. He needs a gun safety class.

He doesn't need a defense fund. He needs a small arms class.

Annie, there's no need to make fun of the guy's appendages. Sheesh.

Hurray Jacksonville. Leading Florida in shootings for five years running. Yes, we have even more than Miami.

t.v. movie made from this:"The Crack of 'Boom'!"

My first comment disappeared...until I posted my next comment. Maybe I need to pull up my pants.

ftr - I've seen too many elderly men in SoFla that have pulled their pants up so far they're wearing their belts as necklaces. Maybe, in an attempt to stay lucid, they've self-wedgied. Perhaps this young man is making a protest statement against self-wedgies.

As to the "comment section" following the story ...

Are these people really that ignorant?

Has the "quality" (or lack thereof) of our educational system sunk completely to the bottom of the cesspool?


That's perhaps the most frightening aspect of this particular "story" ... except for the fact that it's all downhill from here ...

MeThinks self-wedgie-ing is to keep the 'danglie bits' from dangling too much ... sorta like your grandma's boobs sagging (yea, great image kibby!).

*moves his belt up*

ep! tit orks!


Sometimes, a wedgie is a good thing.

He didn't shoot him because of the sagging pants.

"... he told police it was self-defense after he was assaulted for telling Mitchell to pull his pants up."

Good luck with that...


Has the "quality" (or lack thereof) of our educational system sunk completely to the bottom of the cesspool?


I hate it when that happens.

OtheU(manity)... the comments following that story reminded me of the first chapter from "Flowers For Algernon".


You are correct, v' ... tho I'd suggest they're not quite as coherent as Charly was in expressing his thoughts ...

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