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June 27, 2008


...Is being FedExed to this woman immediately.

(Thanks to Larry Odom and Chuck)


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My sister lives very close to the 101 and is always telling incredible tales of speeders going 100 mph or more. I guess she wasn't exaggerating.

Loopey female flashes cops 101 times???? Whut????

*drinks coffee, puts on geezer glasses, reads again*


Ok, I can understand the Ford Mustang™, but a Honda Civic™ fer crissakes?

Fairly good booking photo, though.

Right, Hammie. I loved the comments:

She's totally hot and lives on the wild side. Sweet!

Cut her some slack! It's easy for your speed to unknowingly creep up when you're busy texting.

Wait, where's this guy's Florida driver's license?

KJP, from your link:

The police spokesman said a decision had not yet been taken over whether to bring charges against the driver. ...

"Drivers in Khabarovsk don't pay attention when they get drunk," he said. "If you are drunk you should only drive slowly and carefully, although it is better if you do not drink at all."


Kat, this is Russia. Nothing can stand between the proletariat and their wodka, not even safety.

*Crosses Russia off list of vacation destinations*

Apparently, Jeff, the commenter was willing to overlook the fact that she apparently still lives with her parents, at 24...

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