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May 20, 2008


Cow Something

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Or Udder?

That's on the menu everywhere in Little Saigon.

I'll have the something with a little side of stuff and some iced liquid.

It's much better than the Cow Nothing, which I found kind of bland.

Something in the way she mooos...


Also better than the Cow Anything sausage.

Maybe they thought it sounded a little more appetizing than "Miscellaneous" or "Cow, et al."

Snork @ Lairbo! Are you a fan of everything the Beatles did, or just something?

BTW, since I missed out on the Sparkler thread today, I didn't get to add:

House: Backstabbing Bitch, you seem going somewhere...take these sparklers with you.

I'll have a large order of the no. 3, Being and Nothingness. With brown rice, please.

We're sorry, sir. There is no 3.

There could be a 3 in this box.

Or, do you want what's behind the curtain?

What'll you have?"

"Number 3. What the hell, I'll try the smoked turkey wings and shoot for severe food poisioning with the possibility of being deceased by thursday."

Cow Something, it not only heavenly, it's bovine.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

in cruising the site linked in this thread, I found this. I thought it was interesting that the mannequin was wearing a blue shirt.

it's not just for breakfast anymore...

and who else checked out the "most popular posts" section? (warning: *snorking* will ensue)

Ignore the man behind the cow!

Why is there a 'Yellow for Caution' on this?

vladias: I am a Fab Four fan, sure, but I'm also old enough that, even if I hadn't been paying attention, their music was inescapable enough I'd still know all the words by heart.

LOL @ Lairbo! As a Beatles fan I know what ya mean!


Just got back from Barbara Walter's book signing and although I missed American Idol, it was well worth it. What an incredible woman!!! EC and I got our books signed and got to meet her. (No pics were allowed but I have a few crapcam pics) Shhhhh!


Moooooooooving right along...

Yay Siouxie! How did she look up close and in RL?

El, she looked beautiful. I was in awe and all I could say is...uh...uh...thank you it's an honor to meet you..uh... (god I'm so lame)

Totally cool and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

And..on that note, I'll say my goodnights to all!

Sweet dreams.

Lol, lairbo, you beatle me to it.

And lol John Paul Sartre, too.

What about Cow Everything (also known as sausage)?

What about Cow Everything (also known as sausage)?

Double oops!

I am going on a limb today and ordering a side of sausage. Someone had to order pork somethings.

"um, do you have a Vegan version of that?"

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