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May 28, 2008


Beware the Horror Frog.

(Thanks to Claire Martin and Danny)


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yes. exactly. this is what i've been trying to get through to you people who think frogs are so harmless. i did not click the link. i know that ALL frogs are horror frogs. *shudders and arms self with frog spot remover*

What a strange little guy.

Dayum! I was too late!

I was just gonna post something like *sneaks off to cut the line to crossgirl's house*

Great! This is ALL she needs to feel better about frogs....

This is just wrong


I've known women who have grown claws during mating season. And a few men who've grown hair extensions.
They look kinda like that frog.

Think about it, you would probably go to this extreme to stay off of a high school dissection table.

Know what they say: Frog's legs scrape like chicken.

The existence of frogs with erectile claws like cats was first described by Belgian zoologist George Boulenger in 1900 in frogs found in the French Congo, now the Republic of Congo.

"Erectile claws"... just saying... (not to mention WBAGNFARB...)

It does not appear to have a muscle to pull it back inside so the team think it may passively slide back into the toe pad when its muscle relaxes.

... but if it doesn't appear to have a muscle to pull it back inside, yet the muscle has to relax for it to passively slide back...

two words... government grants! (i.e., your and my taxes at work!) What a country! and God Bless America!

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