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May 27, 2008


A French skydiver who was going to try to set a free-fall record had to give up because his balloon took off without him. Which is exactly how this blog would have handled it.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Surely, they're not suggesting that he has ... you know ...

"Ballon! Ballon!

Fournier appeared disappointed as left the capsule and walked to the hanger.

Key word: appeared

Resembles the circumstances that led up to D Day. Bluntly.

Classic case of premature evacuation...

"It is BALLOON!!!"

And wind gusts shredded two previous balloons. Riiiight.

Not that I blame him. That's how I'd handle it too, Dave.

I'd have far more respect for the man if, instead of a capsule, he rode up in a lawn chair (in flip-flops and cargo shorts and a wife beater T shirt).

I'd have far more respect for the man if he started from a town a little more manly than North Battleford. I mean, please.

At least start from Prince Albert.

North Battleford? Where the Hakawi, Chief?

Up up and away....


There's no place like home, there's no place like ... merde.

It should be a great episode of "Corner Gas", a very funny Canadian comedy, taking place in Dog River, Saskatchewan, Canada

Le oops! Too bad he ran outta money or it may have been "Le Splat".

"Corner Gas is great! I love the cops and the mother. Funny stuff.

Ol' Michel cut or unclipped everything himself. Who, in their right mind, would do such a thing?! I betting the whole shebang was insured too!

*zips in*™

This is a great end to this story. I'd been following it.

Do you think as the balloon took off he said, "oops"?

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