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May 27, 2008


...you are talking trombone players.

(Thanks to Karen M.)


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Fearlessly first

It's like a human, exploding cow.

If he was going for an offbeat kind of comed act, it almost worked, in a way.

The trombone was for what?

Check out this guy on guitar:



And a full scholarship to Bethune Cookman goes to....




"That ought to make you feel like dancin'"

"I play trombone."

He's 75 trombones short of a big parade.

75 *snorks* to slyeyes!

Not to mention the 110 coronets.... (*SNORK*, sly!)

Having played trombone all the way through school, I can only say that... the host was wearing a great suit!

Hah!!! Amateur. He should have used a tuba...now THAT'S entertainment...

That blows...

Play that funky music white boy...in alto after doing the splits in those pants.

Okay, this is the only thing that's made me laugh all day, since I was told that my "position has been eliminated, and your last day is Friday." FEH!! A pox on them all!

But that trombone dude is seriously funny.

Anyone wanna hire an unemployed database manager?

Get something to hold you over for a while. Like this

I had a listing that paid a lot more, but for some reason my AV kept blocking the info. Sorry.

Looks like someone has been stealing his ideas from the Rock Bottomed Remainders!

Too bad, I'm a) not in California and b) Not male.


I have lost many a job. Thank gawd.

Well, I've been told a few times, "why don't you just join the military or something...just don't come back here."

They should see my Curriculium Vitae now!

Really though. Sorry. You will find bigger and better things.

Two of the more interesting jobs I've held, well one of them was being a male stripper working the front desk in Psych Department at the University. I feel like Lou Christie.

Hey LR - didn't mean to get snarky. The bottle of wine hasn't kicked in yet!

I'm thinking for my next career, cat-wrangling or maybe professional ice-cream taster.

Or shooting chickens at windshields?

(Sorry, saw the Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again this weekend...)

Sorry to hear that, Guin! :(
I hope you find another and hopefully better job soon.

Guin - you know what they say -when one door closes, another one opens. Just don't stand where the doorknob can hit you.

After the initial freak-out-oh-sh!t-sky-is-falling, it gets way better. :)

I can't hear the music, but dang, that white boy can shake it like a Polaroid® picture!

And Guin- There's always season 8 of American Idol!

Guin! I'm so sorry about the job. Annie's right (sometimes).

*snork* @ HI!! @ ddd!!!!

White men CAN dance (sometimes).

Two of the more interesting jobs I've held, well one of them was being a male stripper working the front desk in Psych Department at the University. I feel like Lou Christie.

Posted by: lilrascal | 06:52 PM on May 27, 2008

Hopefully not simultaneously, rascal. Yipes!

Calling Dr. Freud???

Guin's Place is now open. Siouxie's buyin'.

Whooo! Cosmos on Siouxie!

I'll have Sex on the Beach and a cigar.

Did someone call?

Hmmmm...dat rings a bell.

Yah. Butt, alvayz vear a condom ven you ring za bell!

Tell zat to Jaimie farr.


I'm off to bed! Sweet dreams ya'll's!

OMG! I waited all day to view this, cuz they never let you see anything FUN at work... It was worth it... That white boy can DANCE! *snorking up my dinner* Thanks, Karen M... and sorry to hear about your unemployment, Guin... That seems to be going around a LOT these days... Hang in there!

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