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May 30, 2008


...only outlaws will have hedgehogs.

(Thanks to Chuck and Baron vonKlyff, who should get the blame if this was blogged before)


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"I was just trying to get the golden rings . . . "


It seems that I have been woefully uninformed of late. I seem to be submitting items that have been blogged, sometimes weeks before.

I do have an excuse for the recent inattentiveness, however. New Baby vonKlyffs tend to take one out of the loop.

Now back to your hedgehog related news


Baron, you're fine. This is a different hedgehogist.

This was blogged before, judi.

So I'm not the only one sending in redundant bloggables (which WBAGNFARB).

Whew... glad to hear that I am not that far out of the loop. I hope that that continues when I say that Assaulted By Hedgehogs WBAGNFAPB.

Should judi be fired for unnecessary alarmism, then?

Oh, and hedgehogs don't hurt people ....


PEOPLE! Gitcher coffee on!

I do have an excuse for the recent inattentiveness, however. New Baby vonKlyffs tend to take one out of the loop.

Congratulations, Baron! Is that plural? Twins?

Whew! I thought there was a surge of hedgehog-throwing extremism... *sips coffee*

HAH! I KNEW it had been blogged before therefore, I didn't submit it. I have an excuse for that. I have no life.

Baron, congrats on the little one(s)???

Yes, sorry, I zoomed right on by that one. Mucho congratulations for the Baby Barons!

Actually, it is only one... although at 12 lbs and 21 inches he may as well have been two. For the last month prior to the delivery, every time Wifey vonKlyff went anywhere people kept asking if she was having twins or triplets.

One is PLENTY!! Congratulations to the vonKlyff's!


Here's blog gift suitable for a baby Barron Baron.

(The buggy, not the buggy pusher.)

Ice packs and narcotics aspirin for the Baroness! 12 lbs? Do you have to return all the newborn clothes now?

"the hedgehog, a small prickly-backed animal similar to the porcupine"

Well, damn. All my life I'd assumed that "hedgehog" was just what the rest of the "English"-speaking world called the porcupine. Hu gnu reading this blog was so educational?

No word yet on whether the hedgehog's family is going to sue...

That's a relief that this story was blogged before. Would hate to think this was a copy-cat crime.

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