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May 28, 2008


Man squirts milk from eyes

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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He also used his ears to blow up two balloons at the same time, reports the People's Daily.

I'll bet he's a big hit at kids' parties.

. . . and we wish he would cut that out

Years ago -- like, more than 10 -- David Letterman had a guy on Stupid Human Tricks who could do this. It's creepy ...

funniegrrl - I remember that. Old news. Tell him to call us when he can squirt nonfat from one eye and yogurt from the other.

Don't see much of a career in this, unless it's for children's parties....

Or with female strip teases .... actually the same thing but with older children ...


Now this guy needs eyebleach!

those aren't eyes and that's not a guy.....

Excuse while I......urkkkkkkkkk

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