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May 21, 2008


(Thanks to Sergio Baptista)


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SNORK! first!

call fabio? i don't think so...



me too!

Sounds like a job for Walter!

I may have met an employee of this company the other day. I had someone turn in an application listing their previous position as "meat paker." No, that is not a typo on my part.

Evidently boners are hard to come by in that area.

"The earning opportunity can be from 24k to 41k!"

To get the 41k, does the boner have to work overtime?

Again with the sexual innuendos....

JG, who are you?

Living not too far from Hatfield, a boner will pop up from time to time in the neighborhood. They always rise to the occasion when people need them. I've been in the HQM board room, and there is some nice wood there.

This could come in handy . . .

I'm wondering if there's stiff competition for this job.

This is a job for The Joker!

The listing doesn't say anything about the hours. What time do you have to get up?

If you can do more than a four-hour shift, please contact your doctor . . .

Did they fire the last guy because he was just hanging around?

Sounds like hard work.

Danny, maybe he was a slacker and just wanted to get in and out quickly.

Maybe he just got too old and moved into the Retired Boners Home.

Or..maybe the job was too much of a load for him.

I never fail to be amazed by how shy and demure the blogettes are.

Thank you kind sir (she says shyly and demurely)

(judi started it!)

instead of coffee breaks, they have refractory periods...

Is there a height requirement? Not that I think that would be a problem or anything.

*snork* @ insom ^ up there....

I wouldn't think girth would be either, Danny. In fact, I'm sure it's encouraged.

Judith Martin: Has it occurred to you that this blog might not be the right spot for you? Because if you can't appreciate a good boner play on words, I think you're in the wrong place.

At least that's what Siouxie said.

Sigh. I just don't have what it takes.

I did run across this listing yesterday, though. Sounds like a fun place to work, except for the no b*tching part.

But how could you tell if it's an inexperienced boner?

Bones too quickly?

Are they an equal opportunity employer? Can BOB apply?

The last guy was discharged for spouting off.

Here's an nice holiday decoration . . .

BJJB, BOB wouldn't work out. He's constantly running out of energy.

Siouxie, remember that union rules demand that BOB gets a 15 minute break every 4 hours.

They turned me down for the position. Apparantly I was over-qualified.

*Checking slide rule*...converting metric to U.S....What's "21K to 41K" in inches?

Not enough. Dollars or inches.

"De Bone! De Bone!"

Siouxie!! 21 Kilomillicentimeters is as big as I go... *smirk*

Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a butcher!

As a teenager in the '70s, I had to get a job permit to work in a factory stripping forms away from the concrete table tops the company manufactured--thus the official job title/description was "stripper." My father and I had to do some fast explaining to actually get the job permit. I don't think I would even attempt getting a job as a boner.

MS, I played some rugby in college, and being that I'm NOT athletic, OR fast, OR big, OR anything else that normally makes a guy a rugby player, the team put me in the position called the "hooker," which, if you've ever seen the game, is the guy in the middle of that mass of humanity that develops throughout the game. (He tries to "hook" the ball with his foot, so his teammates can field it, hence the term.)

Needless to say, (but will be said anyway...) when my collarbone got broken and my teammates took me into the hospital, and there was someone else in the ER (from the women's rugby team) who had broken her ankle, well, (needless to... OK, already done that "needless to say" business...) But when I came to find out she was a "stripper," (someone who comes in and tries to "strip" the ball away from the opponenent)... let's just say the ER staff had a great time admitting that they had introduced a "hooker" and a "stripper" without facing a lawsuit.

My wife had a college summer job which involved pulling the covers off unsold magazines. It was boring work, but when she filed her taxes she listed her occupation as "stripper."

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