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May 27, 2008


Wilder Than You Think

(Thanks to Paul Larsen)


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I though nudity was illegal in Utah. Which is why I live in Florida.

D@mn nekkid-driving civil rights violators!!

"Sandy Utah" WBAGNFAStripper. I'm just saying.

...we' hit the heights...on with the show this is it.

She was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation

8.5, 9.2, 8.9

Officers considered using a Taser on her . . .
Hey, so did I! Maybe they should go ahead with just a little jolt . . .

Tox screen, stat!

on with the show, this is it

I've had a sandy utah. A quick shower washes the sandy right off.

She wasn't well-known in the neighborhood... Well, SHE IS NOW!!! "Oh, you mean the naked neighbor?"

Are those her Apgar or Richter-scale scores, ER Doc?

And you guys say Floridans are strange?!
Says the guy from Utah...
See what I miss by going to work today

"You usually don't get people driving around naked, number one; and then, number two, acting the way that she did is very unusual." Sadly, there was no number three.

heeeere kitty kitty kitty

Why is it always the woman's fault? Those two guys admitted to driving around looking for a pussy cat.

Wonder whether chemical enhancement was involved...

I prefer number one.

"She tried to assault us.. or something."
Yes, a great example of a guy who wished it was more.

"Kind of different. You usually don't get people driving around naked, number one; and then, number two, acting the way that she did is very unusual," said Sgt. Understatement.

Key hilarious line by reporter on the scene (watch the video if you doubt me): "Neighbors said she lived in the neighborhood but she just barely moved there recently."

Okay, that is weird. Two guys out looking for their cat?!

"Police say this is not her first run-in with police."

Oh, come on! You can't leave us hanging like that.

Well, Richard, apparently all they had to say was 'Taser' and she flopped on the ground. That takes practice. Annie told me.

Maybe she thought they said, "tease her."

"Actually lady I was calling out for my cat. My mistake."

*snork* @ Annie! ya big tease-R

Shoddy reporting. They fail to tell us if the woman was attractive and what her measurements are.

Nevermind. After watching the video, I see that maybe we do not want to know what her measurements are...

Usually a couple of guys out looking for a little pussy would be extatic to run into a naked lady.

If you watch the video you will see the Floridian connection. The neighbor who went after her has a Miami canes shirt on. My bet is she also just moved in from Florida as well.

Thank goodness they found the cat safe and sound! (Hey, I have my priorities in order! ;-))

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