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May 01, 2008


Unless you know what you're doing, don't try to make a sex toy out of a kitchen appliance.

(Thanks to sjhaller and DavCat)


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"What? I bought her a new juicer too . . ."

The vision staggers the mind . . .

Locals in Rewal, Poland, blame hubby Jerzy, 53, for “not tending to her needs.”

Especially tending to her need to understand basic electrical safety and/or Darwin award criteria.

Usually you don't see this type of activity from a major appliance...

Amateur. You're supposed to use the battery-operated mixers.

But, but...?

I don't want to know.

Whip it! Whip it Good!!

Cat, is that from the Martha Stewart catalogue ?

Mixer-schmixer. These days, you should see the attachments they have for cordless drills.

Short but sweeeet!

Didn't James Bond do that to some guy in "Dr. No" ?

One can only hope that no extraordinary measures were used to keep Joanna alive. WWDarwinDo?

Yeah, Steve ... but it wuz an electric heater ...

Butt, I DO know what I'm doing.


One might say that she was beatering off.

Steve, I doubt it. It does NOT look like a good thing.

It has blades, you know.

I have one myself. We make smoothies. And that is ALL we make. In the kitchen. Only.

The Souffle Also Rises

Sheesh, women. Manly men need slightly larger kitchen appliances for self-satisfaction.

random, there's a blade in there too, ya know. Just sayin'.

She must have gotten that at Bed, Bath and WAY Beyond.

SNORK! at Meanie

A literary Snork @Annie.

Cat....buffer attachment, cordless drill - you'll be fine. Plus he'll be happy with your sudden interest in power tools.

applause for meanie! and men DO not need any large sophisticated machinery ... unless they have carpel tunnel....

Mixer-schmixer. These days, you should see the attachments they have for cordless drills.

Also reciprocating saws.

private message to Annie: I posted a few pics of daughter as Amy Winehouse on the previous thread.

Don't tell Meanie.

queensbee - are they using carpet tunnels now? Bad enough with the picnic tables and bicycles. Sigh. New meaning to 'shag' carpeting I guess.

Hmm...beating the carpet tunnel sounds kinda kinky. Don't it?

Q-bee, men need machinery mostly just because its machinery. More power Arr Arr Arr

Morning Beer-through-the-nose snork @ Siouxie

I'm not sure they have Bed Bath & WAY Beyond stores in Poland. But they do have Linens 'n' Big Things.

and for the big spenders - The 99 cent Lonely Store.

Thanks, JEC! kinda early for beer, no??

Annie, I get all my gadgets @ Sex Toys R Us.

private msg to Siouxie - very cute, in a pseudo-crackhead sort of way.

"Can he fix it? Ooooooooh, yes he can!"

Fortunately some toys are waterproof ...

they may need machinery - vroom, vroom, but i'm gonna rule out staple guns, owwwwie. and those carpet tunnels are only used by the mice.

I think she was just a little MIXED up

"Mixer-schmixer. These days, you should see the attachments they have for cordless drills."

"Also reciprocating saws."

Also rotary hammers.

Yo Steve - thanks for the heads up

I just noticed the "beating the carpet tunnel" post...
That's rather sugguestive, don't you think Siou?

And it also made me laugh, it just took me a very long time to get it.

Furthermore, what exactly are you sugguesting?

*snork*! @ Ford79 waaaayyy up there ^

*looks innocent-like*

what?? me?? suggest? huh?

Yeah, Siouxie's shameless that way.

♪ I'm shameless...♫

Words to live by, Dave. Truly.

Words to live by, Dave. Truly.

Nah, I'm playing old man's b'day today.

Nah, I'm playing old man's b'day today.

If I mention that I'm part-Polish, can I legally say this is almost a perfect Polish joke?

Actually , the small dough hook on a mixer would work forget it... That was just too mind- boggling to even think about....

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