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May 29, 2008


(Thanks to Mike Ricciardi and Heather Lubay)


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Remind me to stay far, FAR away from y'all.

I hope the Tonight Show lets her drive the limo on California highways...

*Stays away from the Tallahassee area*

Driving since 1915?! Those Florida interchanges are a lot worse than I thought.

Meanie --
She's in a traffic circle.

Specifically, the Golden Glades Interchange. Poor girl's been trying to get off there for EVER.

If she is 101 and has been driving since 1915, she started at about age 8.

My dad, who is 84, has been driving since he was 10. Laws were a little more lax in those days. And dang, I think she looks more alert than the 20-somethings with their cell phones glued to their ears... JMO, doncha know...

"... she started at about age 8." --pogo

Probably with a valid Florida license then, too.

Dan - there were no drivers licenses in 1915.

Stone tablet license??

If you've ever had to introduce a second cat into the home, you'll find this pretty funny:


My Grammy also drove at a very young age...and she drove the freakin' SCHOOL BUS! [she was also racing hydroplanes at @ 13]

I just wonder what she drove in 1915. Model Ts weren't out yet.

They weren't?


my 17 year old niece just received her official florida license yesterday. it's for a fixed wing...we feel she's safer to take to the skys.

I thought she'd be driving something like this.

crossgirl, my oldest just got her car and is driving all over Miami (God help her/us).

1915 was the year the one-millionth Model T was built. And some states (New Jersey, for example) had driver's licenses by then, although I don't know if Florida was one of them.

She left her right eyebrow/turn signal on.

My Grandmother (85) got a ticket for pulling onto the highway in front of a Highway Patrol without slowing or checking for traffic. When he asked her why she did that, she replied huffily, "Young man, I've gone to work at the same time everyday for 53 years. Everyone here knows that."

My mistake - I was 10 years off.

baligurl, three cheers for your grandmother! She sounds like my kind of broad. (No offense by the term "broad" intended -- it just seems to fit the moment.)

LMAO @ granny-bali!!

ships siouxie some extra boxwine.
my oldest just got his learners permit after failing the test, no lie, six times....i'm sure we'll blogging him here eventually.

both nieces have pilot's license. i'm a proud auntie.

bali, I lived with my grammy for a few weeks while my family was moving. One day she came hustling into the house, plopped in a recliner, lit a cigarette, then looked at me and said, "I've been here all afternoon."

A few minutes later, I answered a knock at the door and it was a deputy, asking after her. She hollered, "Get the hell out of here, Charlie, I've been here all afternoon!"

Which was hard for her to pull off in that very small town, given that she drove a hopped up yellow VW with headers, and a black vinyl roof. Pretty much one of a kind. [so was she]

Baligurl, That was a great story. Here's another: One day in the early 1970s my mother was driving my grandmother (who also was about 85) around town and decided to take a new freeway that had just opened. Just as my mother turned onto the one-lane entrance ramp she said to her mother, "Mom, this is the new freeway." My grandmother took a peek out the window and replied, "They should have made it wider."

omg, crossgirl. My 11-year-old is asking telling questions like, "you put your turn-signal on and they have to get out of your way, right?"

bali - my nana was the same way. When her sight was going she said, 'that's ok - I'll just drive the roads I already know.' Braille for the Elderly Motorist, I guess.

I love all y'alls Granny stories, SNORKS all around!

Just to offset the Florida bashing: When asked why she never stopped at stop signs, my grandmother (from northern Wisconsin) responded with emphasis that she has never seen anyone come down those roads before in over 30 years.

(She has since moved to Phoenix)

erb, we may have the same Grandmother.

Bali - Is your grandmother a staunch Irish Catholic yet absolutely ruthless at Monopoly?

If so, we are probably related.

Erb, she was a holy roller highschool english teacher who made kickass home made peach ice cream. So even if we aren't related, we can still relate, no?

Just to honor the old lady I am going to drive all the way home today with my turn signal on.

I can relate. That ice cream sounds delicious.

Erb's point - MY nana is a staunch Irish Catholic yet absolutely ruthless at Monopoly.

MY nana (aunt who's nick name WAS Nana) was a staunch Cuban Catholic yet absolutely ruthless at dominoes.

Did Florida even have licenses in 1915?


A couple of years ago, I took my grandmother, who has macular degeneration and is LEGALLY BLIND to the DMV to renew her driver's license. I made it clear to them that she no longer drives, and is legally blind, and we want to change it to an ID card to cash checks, etc. The lady shrugged and said "naw, its just easier to leave it like it is..." I had to help grandmother find the correct place to sign (help her hold her pen) and though she can't see or now even walk, she is legal to drive in Oklahoma. Your government at work!!!

I TRIED people!! I TRIED!!!!!

Siouxie - did she bake a killer apple pie?
btw - my Nana was the one who taught me how to bake those M&M cookies.

My grandmother was a (staunch? Maybe.) mostly-Irish Methodist who didn't really play any games, but got really irritable if you interrupted while the Cowboys were playing.

Annie, she baked a killer guava pie. And was the one that taught me how to ride a bike. And be responsible like. OH and balance my checkbook (she was an accountant in Cuba).

Glix, It was actually my grandfather that taught me a very valuable lesson. Our two favorite teams are the Chicago Bears and anyone playing the Cowboys. It is a lesson I will cherish forever.

Becky, your granmda is an Honorary Florida Driver with those credentials!

Hooooray for all the grammies! I plan on living into my late 90s and driving everyone absolutely insane with my antics. Let's start NOW!

eilbeback - I hope you mean 'drive us insane' only as an expression, not literally. Maybe by then we'll have nice little flying mahoozits that we can spook the youngsters with.

guava pie....yummmmm...

Erb, I thought football had always been an interest of hers, but apparently she picked it up when she was around 70. I guess it was because Dallas was the nearest town with an NFL team, and they won their first Super Bowl around the same time. For the most part, my family doesn't much care for sports, but I've noticed my dad's getting more interested since he reached his 60's.

2008 + 4 years = 2012, not 2011

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