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May 30, 2008


We'd have assumed it was the gardener.

(Thanks to Danny)


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It could have been a rogue garden gnome. A lot of them carry pipes, too.

I guess you have to look at it in context.

Prison will not be kind to a guy named Mazzola.

Porque? Parkay!

well, this is your brain on dope, dope.

*Immediately scans through cell phone roster*

Zack the Weed Man - sounds gardenerish to me too.

Maybe it had more to do with where he was from?

Anytime you read a news article that includes the line, "It started out as a simple traffic stop," hilarity inevitably ensues... just sayin'

How many Zacks did he know?

I'm not an attorney (paging Eleanor) but seems like the officers were over-stepping their bounds when they used the kid's cell.

Well he could have been "Zack the pot man". Ya know, the guy that sells kitchenware??

*hair flip*

I hear ya, Client 9.

*Checks cell phone nicknames*

*Makes some changes*

Whew. Another potentially embarrassing event averted by The Blog!

Do I have to change my ICE number too?

In case of emergency? (Not my meth dealer.)

Guy could probably use a drink . . .

Reddsuss --
2 Zacks on my teen's baseball team. Both are catchers. The only way I can keep track of which one is playing is by tracking the number of passed balls.

Over the years we have learned to never, ever ask the gardner to do anything out of their normal routine. Like plant something. Or to not clop off the sprinkler heads with the mower without telling me.

What's what, officer? Oh, you mean "Reliable Escort Service"? Uh, looks like the repair work on my Ford is done. No, I'll call 'em back myself. You don't have to.

*changes "Vito the Hit Man" to "Vito from Pest Control"*

*changes "Client 9" to "Really Good Platonic Friend from New York"*

What unlucky timing.

*Changes "Machete Mama" to "Friend from Fla."

A rose by any other name...

*changes "Bookie" to "Bookstore"*

*Changes "Uncle Freddie" to "Chief of Police (home)"*

*Changes "Work #" to "Internal Affairs"*

Changes "Just A Gigolo" to "Joe the Juggler"

Changes "SW" to "Nice Person."
Wow...it won't accept that.

LMAO Meanie. Good thinking!

That reminds me to change "RRRRRRRRRoberto the Cabana Boy" to "plumber"

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

*Waves @ Annie!!!*

*changes "Hawaiian Ho" to "Don Ho"*

*WAVES (again) @ Hammie!!!*

Annie!! that wasn't nice!


Changes "Siouxie the Screamer" to "tree service"

*changes 'Aiyman Al Zawahari' to 'Al'*

*Changes Roto Rooter to...*

Nah. I think I'll keep that one just for giggles.

Changes "Annie Where-but-here" to "Anyone-but-her"



STEVIE!! play nice!

(btw, I do not scream)(much)

*zips in*™

Now, now, Stevie, snarkiness is not a becoming personality trait. :)

random, they call it an 'inventory search'. Once you're under arrest, they get to do that. It's b.s., but nothing to be done about it. :)

But didn't you see what she said about me??? Waaaah..

(and that's why I put the smiley emoticon at the end too. Annie knows I adore respect tolerate her just fine.)

*Changes "Ecst@sy 24/7" to "Extasy 24/7"*

Now they'll never know! *giggle!*

*changes 'Miss Kim's Asian Experience' to "The Center for Korean-American Relations"*

*waves Weed-whackowhacker @ Hammie!!!*

SW - this is why we can't have nice friends.

That is like sooooooooo smart, Par!

*Changes "Samantha Ronson" to "Not my lesbian lover"*

Changes Zach the Weed Man to Zach the Wee Lad

Erb, that's just gonna come back to haunt you. Seriously.

*Changes "Mikey the Fence" to "Michael's Patio Enclosures"*

I told you to lose that number, Paris.

*Changes "Mandingo Warrior" to "Chiropractor"*

*Changes "Sperm Donor" to "American Idol Finalist"*

*Changes 'Ariats' to 'Manolo Blahniks.'*
Going to SATC today!

Me too, Annie!! My two BFFs and I are seeing the 6:50 show here in Chicagoland. I prepurhcased tix so as not to be disappointed by sell-out crowds.

Of course, we will go for Cosmos afterwards...

I'm so excited I went dyslexic there.

I'm going sometime this weekend too! Can't wait!

Too fun! I'll be putting a review on my blog. I'm still trying to figure out what to wear.
Shoo, Indy, shoo!!!! Or should I say 'shoe'?!

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