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May 31, 2008


Tights Are Not Pants

(Thanks to jon harris)


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And leg warmers don't.


(er, excuse me)


to Punkin

Even if the pants are tight?

Sometimes you gotta take the good with the flab.

No photos??

Yes they are so!

For Flash.

Dave's up late, huh?

You're right. They're definitely not pants!

Sez who?

Flash, exceptions can be made for certain individuals.

OT: Is anybody else experiencing weird browser behavior (Internet Explorer) with the DB Blog site? My pages keep automatically bouncing to Google with “ Your search - http://media.adrevolver.com/adrevolver/banner?place=21153 - did not match any documents.” on any DB blog page I visit. This isn’t happening with other sites, just this blog. Anybody? Bueller?

No? OK. Never mind.

yes, mine did as well...i finally deleted the 'feature' that did the bouncing.

insom, do you mean you took Google out of your toolbar? I tried that, cleared my history and temporary internet files, etc., and it still does it.


Please add the following clarifications:

(1) On guys.

(2) On any women whose robust figure results in said tights exceeding the recommended PSI for said tights.

(3) In a situation where said tights are upon a gorgeous woman with the appropriate physique, said pants are considered pants so long as a "sweatshirt flap" is not adhered to the posterior area. Such attachment of the sweatshirt flap results in a tights / sweatshirt flap combination making said tights actually tights.

Thank you for your attention.

Thank you, Pants Czar, for the third clarification.

I have a feeling, though, that this particular protestation (adding that to my "list of cool words I made up") is geared towards clarifications 1 and 2.

Thanks none the less.

these anti-tights people have too much free time.

Although they are preferable to rump hangers that cover only the legs of boxer shorts.


This also applies to carrot-juice-swilling wiry folks of all genders on whom tights hang like pants.

some women look okay "smuggling yoyo's"...
others, not so much

Hey, jazzzz, that's a new one on me!

I love men in tights1


I think you mean "smuggling yoyos".

ok..but it's OK for ballet dancers of the male kind?? Right?? Nothing wrong with gawking at the bulgingness.


there is a whole culture out here that is "apostrophe challenged" ....we can't help it. Some of us have diseases that have progressed to include semi-colons, and overuse of periods. please don't make us feel "out of place"

Jazzz....I don't have any recommendations for the high semi-colonics, but there are pills now for the overuse of periods.

I'm sorry, I'm going to have to call a judges ruling on this one; Smuggling Yo-Yos?

(apparently, y'all are hyphen-challenged, as well)

*snork* @ Betsy...
Brian... hyphen, lowphen...you get the "picture"

I knew a girl who lost her hyphen while horseback riding.

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