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May 28, 2008


The space-station toilet is stopped up.

(Thanks to BillyJoeJimBob, Annie Eitman and mama723. And Jeff Meyerson. And Dan Traylor. Most of these people believe the problem is linked to space beer.)


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That gives a whole new meaning to the phrase: "To bravely go where no man has gone before."

They're already making 'doo', that's the problem.

Or "floater"

Or "floater"

Well, at least the "solid waste" part still works.

They will never find a plummer on such short notice, and if they do it will cost a fortune.

"don't light a match, man".

Houston we have a problem.

Isn't there enough crap in space?

Wouldn't it burn up coming thru the atmosphere? If not, couldn't we use our awesome firepower to shoot it down? It'd be pretty smelly, but way cool at the same time.

"A Tinkle in Time"

Pooper Shooters!

Houston, you have a plunger?

Great, now there's gonna be more crap orbiting Uranus.

So until further notice, the constelation Urine will not be growing.

I'm very disappointed in the lack of Uranus jokes here. I want my money back.

Rok, if you need Customer Service, it's in Uranus ;-P

"Starship Poopers," anyone?

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