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May 17, 2008


Undressing a woman with construction equipment.

Key comment: I find her abundance of faith disturbing.

(Thanks to Gabe)


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I wonder if it had to buy her dinner first.

What would REALLY have been impressive is if he had needed to unbutton or unhook something first

Size does matter, that's the biggest BOB I've ever seen.

if you pay a woman to participate in this, is she a 'backho'?

Is this a variation on Who's your Daddy?

Thanks, but I'll stick to using my eyes.

This is right on so many levels.

snork @ insom

The headline was unclear...I wasn't sure if he was using the backhoe to undress her, or if he was undressing a woman who had a backhoe.

Let's see him unhook her bra.

I have always preferred to undress women the old fashion way, with lots of booze.

Anyone care for nice refeshing ice tea?

While I consider the whole show was
at best an exercise in crude mechanical 'groping',I must confess the Italian 'groper' demonstrated proper respect to the 'gropee', with his unusual (for a man)deftness and sensitivity by carefully hanging her garments properly and not just toss them on the floor as most of those crude American guys are wont to do.

I'm so proud of my people!

"Just hold still while I go for..." --ACHOO -- "Whoa, sorry honey."

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