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May 29, 2008


It's serious in Jersey.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Most business people slash their prices to get more business, not their wrists.

So much for that whole "Good Humor Man" thing...

...or should that have been the "I Scream Man?"

Aw, c'mon ... they're just a bunch of softees.

"The Slashing Ice-Cream Truck Man" - WBAGNFA teen/slasher/hacker flick.

"who would you kill for a klondike bar?"

Actually, he couldn't take the "It's A Small World" song he was forced to play all day, so he stabbed himself.

He cuts his arm, he cuts his face
But the cops don't believe
The wound is so fresh you can taste the blood
But it simply won't deceive
You've been taught, keep it cold
And it won't melt on the floor
Still he stands there feedin',
Info that's misleadin',
'Cause he wants you out the door
When he says he wants true justice
It's such a clever masquerade
He can't sell enough gelato
His fingerprints are on the blade
They're still on the blade

So now there's an Arab Mafia? Not that there's any such thing as The Mafia.

Now summertime's here babe, need somethin to keep you cool
Ah now summertime's here babe, need somethin to keep you cool
Better look out now though, Abdallah got somethin for you
Tell ya what it is

I’m your ice cream man, I’ll stab ya when Im passin by
Oh my my, I’m your ice cream man, I’ll stab ya when I’m passin by
See now my box cutter’s guaranteed to make you cry
Hold on a second baby

I got scalding hot coffee in Dixie cups
straight razors and piano wire too
Im your ice cream man, baby, I’ll stab ya when Im passin by
See now my box cutter’s guaranteed to make you cry
Hold on, one more

Well, I'm usually passin by just about eleven oclock
Uh huh, I never stop, I’m usually passin by, just around eleven oclock
And if you let me slash you one time, you’ll be my regular stop
All right boys

I got scalding hot coffee in Dixie cups
straight razors and piano wire too
I’m your ice cream man, I’ll stab ya when I'm passin by
See now my box cutter’s guaranteed to make you cry
Yes I’m your ice cream man, I’ll stab ya when I'm passin by
I’m your ice cream man, I’ll stab ya when Im passin by
They say my box cutter’s guaranteed to make you cry...

Siouxie, I take it you never saw this episode of Showtime's "Masters of Horror" ...

(scroll down page)

Dangit, cg, get back to work; I wuz gonna channel Van Impalin'!

I'm gonna make him a sundae he can't refuse.

I understand there was a killer with an ice cream truck in "Dexter" too, but I've never seen the show...

psssst, cj, that's why i love you...

if i recall correctly, an ice cream truck played predominately in "killer klowns from outer space" too.

*sneaks back in to snatch that 'red' out of prominately*

Vote for Bill Dobermann.

here in albany, they play Fur Elise. up and down the block. i'd slash my wrists too. but in nooo joisey - they's tough.

We have the scariest, creepiest ice cream 'man' ever. He looks like Jack Nicholson off his meds. His old grey van lumbers down the street playing, as my son called it, 'the song of a deranged clown.'

Ice cream academy trainee: "Ice cream? I got your ice cream right here!"

Academy trainer: "Very good, Achmed. Now this time say it with a bit more menace and maybe a forward thrust with the knife. Oh, and try saying 'youse' instead of 'your.'"

Steve, never saw that one.

We have an ice-cream truck guy that rides around our 'hood playing the god-awfullest creepiest music you can imagine (without being Manilow). I feel like taking my machete to him one of these days...

Is it a religious requirement that all Arabs carry boxcutters? Am I a racist for asking that? It was in the story, dammit.

and *snorks* @ cg and Meanie's lovely tunes.

There have also been cases where they sell more than ice cream. Since they're combining their 'errands' into one trip, does that make them economically 'green?'


The bot ate my name.

Turns out there's also an ice cream truck in that opera based on Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth"...

There was a B movie (actually more of a D- movie) with Clint Howard playing a psycho killer who drives an ice cream truck....

I remember watching it on Joe Bob's Drive-In theater or whatever....

Growing up (as if), my favorite ice-cream from the truck was the fudge bomb.

And for all your pervs out there overloading your dirty minds...


Clint Howard pretty creepy all on his own.

I always liked the Mickey Mouse head. I always ate the ears first. Is that wrong?

The ears were made of chocolate ice cream if that sways anyone.

I'd eat the ears first too, Erb's P. Like I eat the legs of gingerbread men cookies first. I'm weird special that way.

That's so they can't run away.

Had a boss who would bite the heads off of animal crackers. First he'd sneak up behind them. Really.

I used to explain to my daughter that the proper way to eat an animal cracker is to bite the head off first. That way they wouldn't suffer. It didn't seem to affect her. Much.

Your time will come, you b*stards!

and choco easter wabbits- i bites the ears off first. how much do these icecreams cost now - 10 bucks or so? they were 15 cents in 195...whenever.

bungalow bar, tastes like tar
the more you eat it
the sicker you are.

a rhyme from my youth.

*WAVES headless animal cracker @ Hammie!!!*

Maybe they should offer non-competing products. It could be come a new delicacy.

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

Ick. I'm never gonna be able to eat an ice cream bar again.... Well, at least until it gets a lot hotter...In dis part of Joisey, youse can't catch the ice cream truck - he goes by at about 50 mph.

Kathy - meet you at H0lsten's for some onion rings mint chocolate chip?

Slinks in®

*Thanks Meanie for the Stiletto earwig for the second time in a week. Where did that cassette tape of mine go, anyway...?*

Slinks out®

You want the scoop? You can't handle the scoop!

Death, I'll take your challenge, 'cause I KNOW I can handle the scoop

I drove an ice cream truck one summer. I still can't get that music out of my head. My 3 children tease me about this once in a while.

However, there was one time when I used it to pick up my wife at the airport from the passenger drop-off area, And yes, I had the music on as loud as it would play. She had to sit with the cold stuff all the way home.

We're still married.

Isn't this similar to the movie "Comfort and Joy"?


the last day of ice cream truck

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