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May 28, 2008


...and the comments section of the month.

(Thanks to SandyEggo)


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Does this mean the honeymoon is over?

...unwanted sexual advances to his NEW wife
I have heard that to decrease the female sex drive, feed them wedding cake
*ducks inevitable onslaught*

looks like Hot springs people is the only ones on the blog

I meant ARE, I edited, but not well enough

eees ok, Jazzzzzie! I already corrected your espelling earlier ;-P

No need to smack you...this time.

That's because we have nothing better to do...... sigh....

Your Honor, I just said I wanted some, and she said, "Bite me".

Yikes! I don't know which is scarier, the news story or the comments listed below.

as the old saying goes, when they say "I do" it means "I don't have to anymore."

I started reading the comments but they had denigrated into a pretty ugly flame war.....

Cool.... I said denigrated....

Jose Cuevas was not a friend of hers...

That 'intellegence' guy in the comments gives new meaning to 'bible-thumping.' Dang, what a childish tantrum. He's gonna scream until he gets the last word. So he must be right, of course.

Hey, at least you didn't say niggardly...

That's right Annie, his mind is made up, don't confuse him with the facts.

aaaakk !!
Why did you make me go back and read the "comments'? They scared me.

Just for fun, Mr Death, go out on the comments and tell him he's 'niggardly.'
Jazzz, don't look.

i kinda like 'planet of morons' could be a band, or a book title. but those comments are far out. america was founded by christianity??? whoa. bet she listens to ole rush. jmho

Just for fun, queensbee, go out on the comments and tell him the Pilgrims et al were fleeing religious persecution. Like his.
Jazzz, don't look.

The best comments on that story are the ones who are making fun of poor spelling while misspelling themselves.

Yup, America was founded by great Christians and Biblical literalists like, say, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.


It may have been the catfish.

We laugh, but these people vote. And drive. And, as one commenter so eloquently put it, 'don't use birth control.'
*gets in bunker with Jazzzz*

Hopefully they don't vote whilst driving..and that other thing.
*snork* to bali - sorry I missed it the first time around. I was busy consoling Jazzz - he was skeered.

The sad thing is that most of the article comments on my city's newspaper are of the same calibre. *sigh*

Greetings Jazzzz. BTW, I read the program from cover to cover, fascinating reading.

Why do fools fall in love. Seriously, why?

Hrm... the comments appear to have been removed. I feel somehow disappointed, though also somewhat fortunate.

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