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May 23, 2008


The alleged Wal-Mart butt-biter has been apprehended.

(Thanks to Danny)


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Perhaps he just took the taunt, "bite me" a little too seriously.

*Cancels assistance call to The Crime Fighting Boars of Germany*

They really need to train those Greeters better.

"Butt-biter"!? Thought that was in my job description?

*goes look*

... nope, it was "A$$ Kisser" ...

Bloomingdale's fewl.

Isn't there a saying about something coming back to bite you in the butt?...

Yea Allen, but I don't think it was him!

Well, it was the Lovejoy Wal-M@rt after all.

Hope at least he had good taste to select fine ripe butts. The talent is sorta like selecting melons.

The fact that this 15-y-o was still in middle school may explain a few things.

15 years old and in middle school? Maybe if he hit the books instead of biting butts he'd be in high school with the other 15-year olds.

SO, the kid
has a 'tuch' fetish ? What's wrong with being fond of fannies? (A Fannie Fondler?)

That kid's getting a 'Bum' rap, if you ass me!
He was just trying to purchase a dozen buns. TODAY"S SPECIAL : SUPER DUPAS

I hope he can put this behind him.

good thing they cracked that case. wonders if they'll charge him with assault.

A troubled kid, and damned cheeky. I don't think he was reared properly.

Maybe he likes the nice country smell of the dairy air?

I believe the patrons are to blame. I sure they asked for helping getting their junk in their trunk. (Coming from Wal-mart and all)

Poor kid. He will now be the butt of many jokes. After all, his actions were only a means to an end.

Because the biggest ones can be found there . . .

Sometimes it seems as if they are just asking for it . . .

"Poor kid" is right. He's definitely reached bottom.

Somehow related Ebay item.

Buttock course he'll just be remanded to his parents' custody.

He might prefer being jailed at the county seat.

"Excuse me, sir, where can I find muffin tops? ....Ow!"

Here he is at the dentist. His intentions are apparent.

Why else do you go to Wal Mart? Oh, right the optometrist.

he is also facing charges of incisor trading.

and to have your nails done....sexual assualt is third.

*snork* @ packsaddle!

If this was an episode of "24", he'd be the inevitable molar...

he was confused by the name lovejoy walmart

what what, in my butt?


Close call with that comma.

Snork at mike!

I smell a dare or a lost bet.

OUTRAGEOUS! Or, as we say in U K, CHEEKY!

Detective DICKens ???

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