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May 23, 2008


The other night on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Craig read an email, which appeared to be from me, asking about the meaning of the Scottish expression "Away and raffle your donut." Craig gave a funny answer, mentioning me several times. But in fact the email was from judi, who wants to have babies with is a big fan of Craig. Anyway, now that I've explained the background, here's the segment from the show.

judi will of course be fired.


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YOU GO, JUDI!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!! Congratulations! I got to meet His Daveness this weekend at long last, so I know the swoonable feeling of that titillating brush with your hero. :D

Speaking of which, *waves at Dave!!*

Yay, Dave judi! Now that you're unemployed, come stay at my house and we'll both go stalk visit Craig.


I hate to say I told you so...

Anyone else remember the Calvin and Hobbes when Calvin called the reference librarian to identify naughty words?

I do! I do! And I was like three when that one came out.

This is all just a clever ruse to stimulate interest in Dave's new book "Dave Barry Explains Scottish Humor" which will be coming to a bookstore near you very soon...

I knew it meant "Bug off," but I took the doughnut to be that pastry you can buy at Dunkin. Stupid me.

Honest to goodness I thought the Scottish wanted us to leave and sell our baseball bat weight on the way out the door. Major thanks to Craig for clearing that up for me.

I still don't get it.
*sends money to judi for legal bills*

Elon, there's a Dunkin franchise in NYC where I'm pretty sure that "donut" means whatever you want it to and, whatever that is, it's for sale.

ps: Judi, if Dave fires you, I'm sure Craig will hire you in a heartbeat.

Steve Haller: Dave Barry Explains Scottish Food would be a real page-turner.

[also waves at Diva].

I thought Scottish food is Scottish humor. You mean haggis is for real??

judi, Craig needs a blog. Who better than you to do it for him? I call dibs on some of the er, unusuable pictures.

"I'm William Wallace!"

Aw, Lairbo!! *waves at Lairbo* I've missed ya! I think that last book title would perhaps make excellent bathroom reading.

Steve - Ask ArcticAl about that. He has confessed a fondness for the stuff.

judi just likes his blue shirt.

That IS a nice, strong blue.

judi, please have Dave ask Craig if his boxers are tartan or stewart plaid. Inquiring minks want to know.

stewart plaid? you mean... stuart plaid? (also a fan of charles stuart, dead lo these many years, but still the love of my life)

everybody gets that this wasn't craig's mistake, right? they TOLD him it was from dave....

*snork* at the inquiring minks!

*sure wishes she had speakers on this stupid computer so she could find out about the donuts*

they have PERMANENT RECORDS in Sco'land???? wow. worldwide. someone should notify homeland security. Go judi, go judi, go judi!

cg: Away and raffle your donut = goodbye and sell your arse

Or something like like. I was laughing to hard to pay much attention.


*sticks gold star on judi's forehead*

QB - no, they have "Paaaiirrr - ma - nehnt" records. Snork.

And YAY judi! I don't know who this Craig Ferguson is, but he's pretty funny. Dave should invite him to blog here sometime.

*makes note - Craig never makes mistakes, and it's 'Stuart,' not 'Stewart.'*
Happy Friday!!!

Rednecks view on the Democratic political race

I found this hysterical, and amazingly accurate.

Josh - if it wasn't so disturbing, I'd be amused by Hillary's remarks as well.

Josh, I am weeping with laughter. Dem or Rep, you gotta find that funny.

(Which I sorely needed after listening to HRC's unbelievable comments today. God help us all.)

Dave, how's that presidential race coming? Your country needs you, man!

WOW! Craig Ferguson just said he wants to eat donuts with me!!

Isn't that what y'all heard???

I really like Craig Ferguson but Josh's link...I literally couldn't breath!

Thanks for that!


Punkin - I heard that, too. But I think Stephen King said it, not Craig. Yes, I definitely hear Mr. King calling you, Punkin.
Josh, that was good! Here's McCain on 'Ellen,' if you tolerate his blinking.

Yeah, Judi!

I've been a CF fan since The Drew Carey Show. Funny stuff.

I tivo Craig's show everynight! It's worth watching, even the next morning while getting ready for work. judi has excellent taste, and since I'll never meet him, hope things work out for the two of them. (Lucky!)

It means, "Put a egg in your hat and BEAT IT!

Here, ladies; Craig and

Oops, Craig and Hugh.

LTTG but I knew it was the s.b. that sent that cuz I know she's in lust with Craig. WTG judi!!

I didn't see any subtitles. What the hell did that guy just say?

I kid of course.

No, but really.

I kid.

Help please.

19th funniest man in america, that's pretty damned amazing :)

(it is bizarre to me, that (this says) more people watch conan and jimmy kimmel than craig!!!!!! why?!?!?!?!?!

Judi, I wish I could answer that, but I've seen all 3 of them maybe 4 times between them. (And the above clip is one of those 4 times). If I'm up that late, it's usually not so I can watch TV, and I don't own a TiV0.

I don't know what the audience makeup for late night TV is these days, but I'm guessing it's a lot different than when we were doing all-nighters, for what that's worth.

That said, I thought Ferguson was absolutely hysterical in the above clip. He'd get my vote for most likely to be stayed up late for, even against Letterman or Leno.

*zips in*™

Me too, Blue, I would have been rolling in the aisles, if I had aisles in my house. ;)

(it is bizarre to me, that (this says) more people watch conan and jimmy kimmel than craig!!!!!! why?!?!?!?!?!
I agree, judi. It doesn't make sense. Craig's funnier than Dave (Letterman, not Barry) and Jay, too.

btw, my comment up there ^^^ about stuart vs stewart was not a correction, but actually was a question :) and Bill Smetts emailed us that there are two different tartans by that name, one stuart and one stewart. i was going to post them here but i canna figure out which one is which :)

I can't say the comments about Tivo and the FBI monitoring of advert-viewing were at all amusing - it's only a matter of time, y'know...

There's a Dunkin franchise in NYC where I'm pretty sure that "donut" means whatever you want it to and, whatever that is, it's for sale.

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