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May 20, 2008


The s.b. was watching a Scottish program last night, and one of the characters said dismissively to another character: "Away and raffle your doughnut." Or possibly "donut."

All the research skills this bloggerette possesses have not been enough to find out what the heck this means (well, the meaning was obvious, but where does it come from?).

We are betting that even if you don't know, your guesses will be entertaining.


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Definitely a euphemism for giving away your virginity.


*goes back to researching*

Roughly... take your (body part) somewhere else. It involves the World's Oldest Profession

How much would you be willing to pay for a doughnut? or donut?

For research purposes, of course.

Maybe it's a way of telling cops to "shove it"?

This sounds like a question for Craig Ferguson...! Why don't you ring up his office, maybe between the two of you, you could arrange to have Dave on his show -- that would be worth staying up late for!

'no, i dont think so'

and if ya donna stop mekin fun of de scots, A'll pan yer melt in....see, an yer brefs barkin, kinna smeel it fra here


Did that lousy Scottish poet write anything about donuts?

There's also "raffle your granny", which also translates to "Sod off, Baldric"... (for those of us who were fans before "House"...)

judi, were there men in kilts involved???

When asked "what do Scotsmen wear under their kilts?", Craig Ferguson replied "On a good day? Lipstick."

LOL bali - lipstick on the donut holder, eh???

The most popular scotman? The one who can carry 6 donuts and two cups of coffee!

This link says "away and raffle yoursel" is Edinburgh slang for "get knotted," which in turn (I had to look it up) means "get lost." I'd say the doughnut version is a twist on this.


I'll take the Scottish lass with two donuts and a big smile!...

No, did find this tho:

A wee Glesga wumman goes intae a butcher shop, where the butcher has just
came oot the freezer, and is standing haunds ahint his back, with his
erse aimed at an electric fire. The wee wumman checks oot the counter display
case then asks, "Is that yer Ayrshire bacon?" "Naw," replies the
butcher. "It's jist ma haun's ah'm heatin'.

A guy stumbles into the kitchen of a diner by mistake and sees the chef rolling the meatballs in his hairy armpits. Stunned he runs back to his friend and tells him what he saw. That's ok says the friend, you should see how he makes the doughnuts

"Away and raffle your doughnut." Or possibly "donut."

It's an old Anglican saying directed towards Saxons who have not been circumsized and prefer to fight about things like this or possibly spelling for the upcoming century.

ach, and the joke (as i've heard it) goes this way:

who's the most popular man in the nudist colony?

the one who can carry two cups of coffee and a dozen donuts.

and the most popular woman?

she can eat the last donut.

judi. I heard that, but was being demure. Glad to see I can raffle that nonsense.

oh, and I've asked craig ;) who is so incredibly (adorable and) funny i was absolutely DYING last night. and anyone who disagrees is stupid. not that i have an opinion on the matter.

*gets in line behind judi*

Oh, is THAT what they're calling it now? I can't keep up with the way euphemisms change with the generations.

Did you ask him about getting Dave on the Late Late Show? He can bring his oosik with him ... ??

he's been on the show, you know... you can find it on youtube, i think :)

I'll have to see if I can find that. Or if it's a slow news day maybe you can put it up on the Blog some day. Did you ever get to see him before the Press Corps, great fun at Bush's expense, I think it's still floating around out there too, maybe still available at the C-Span website...

I was on Sally Jesse Raphael's show. And not because I was a Howitzer Prize winning author. And Sally and I hit it off and probably would have had children together if I had had time.

I been on the tonight show many times, but only in the audience. Once Joan Rivers hosted for Johnny and James Franciscus was the guest. I have never seen James again, whoever he is.

I also saw Tori Spelling once. When she revealed she was transported to hihg school in a limousine and had the driver drop her off around the corner so no one at Beverly Hills High would see her, I asked myself, "what would her dad do with all that money when she was left off the will?"

I also saw Stevo from Jackass, but it was a lot like being here on the blog.

Oh, and I saw Walter Matthau at LAX crossing the street.

And when Eisenhower died, the train carrying him to his buriel site rolled down a track that ran right behind my house.

I once was the winning pitcher in district playoff game against the high school when Tina Turner attended.

Craig Ferguson, Ha! His clan has never been close to the throne.

Allen, my fellow fan! Am I jumping the gun, or are the words "I have a cunning plan" marching with ill-deserved confidence in the direction of this conversation? ;-)



Thank you so much! I pasted in the link and it works just fine, so I'll go back in later and have a listen. But you know, now that Craig is a US citizen he could run for President too(*)...! I would suggest that Dave defuse the problem by asking Craig to be his running mate, but I imagine he's already promised it to Gene ...

(*) yes, of the United States ...!

Steve - Craig plays drums and sat in with the RBR's when they visited LA (LA Times Bookfair). That's when Dave was on the LLS.
*gets in line behind judi and Baligurl, makes note that my commute to Craig's house is WAY shorter*

Actually, no. Craig, like Ahnuld, is ruled out by the provision that a President must have been BORN a citizen of the U.S. of A.

Not to mention our own Canadian-born Governor Jennifer Granholm, I'm sorry to say. I'd vote for her over Hillary any day...

What a pity that Canadians can't run for President. Martin Short as Dave's running mate; Terrence and Philip on the Supreme Court ... Any others?

"Away and raffle your doughnut." is what Engineer Scott would mutter under his breath after Kirk asked him for more power.

after some internet research, it seems "away and raffle your donut" is a scottish insult based on the practice for red cross charities -- its a prize in a raffle at a red cross coffee morning.

Craig Ferguson says means go and sell your ass

Anyone see Craig Ferguson's show tonight? Now you have your answer.

Anyone see Craig Ferguson's show tonight? Now you have your answer.

I was at Forres Academy from 1961 to 1964. For the last two years, one of my classmates was Greg Perrers who - displaced years later to "Happy Days", but still aged only aged only 14-16 - could readily have been mistaken for The Fonz.

Apart from being the class's "Mr Cool", he also had a particular talent for dreaming up lewd-sounding phrases which, in reality, were nothing of the sort. "Don't scrape your kneecaps" and "Raffle your doughnuts" were two that I vividly remember.

Hearing Jack say to Winston (In an episode of "Still Game") "Awa', you, and raffle yer doughnuts" astonished me; the realisation that the phrase was still alive (and in Glasgow) some 40+ years later was a lot to take in!

Unless anybody can come up with an authoritative, definitive, earlier, origin for the expression, I submit that Greg is the boy!

If essential, I could probably persuade classmates of that era to support my contention!

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