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May 31, 2008


...in 2015: Canned Bacon

(Thanks to Steve "The Other Steve" Lancaster)


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Call me crazy, but this actually makes sense.

*Too many Cosmos last night?*

I think it looks pretty good. I mean, why not? Not my first choice for bacon, but barring the availability of fresh ... I'd try it. How's it different from shelf-stable containers of real bacon bits? Not.

10 years of shelf life? WTFBBQ????

No muss, no fuss. No splattering grease. It works out to about 20-25 cents a slice, if my foggy math is right.

They sell this stuff already. Same idea.

*Getting hungry for bacon*

Especially when you consider this story -- "ripped from today's headlines" as they say ...

Jason Alexander and Elton John together?

From Steve's link: "... along with new products like individually packaged "Spam Singles" slices ..."

It's the apocalypse.

For the first time in almost 20 years, canned bacon is back in this Country.

1. It was here 20 years ago?

b. It left?

I blame global warming.

This has got to be the best thing ever! Holy cow! (uh, pig)

Canned bacon was around, years back, and it was great, but it was raw. I used it on long boat trips. This seems handy and lightweight.

Plus, it's BACON!


*waits patiently for bacon IV drip to be invented*

Rascal's link is a hoot. There's nothing like exploring the back of the pantry shelves.

My grandmother kept spices and canned oddities that were literally older than my mother. And this was when I was a young adult, so you're talking at least forty years. The sad part is, after she died, neither my mom nor my aunt wanted to get rid of them. I don't think they would ever actually cook with them, but they just couldn't bring themselves to throw them away. So I was the bad guy. *Shudder*

I married a guy who checks the expiration on everything. Kinda annoying, sometimes. "Where's the ketchup?" "It was at the end of code, so I threw it out."

Who knew ketchup expired?

Annie!!!! How was it? We had a blast. Can't wait to read your blog.

Canned Bacon WBAGNFARB.

Well, I mustn't waste this lovely Chicago weather. Young'un wants to play some tennis.

Translation: we will go to the court and she will gently volley the ball to her old, decrepit mother, and not make me run too much.

OK, blogits! Time for me to work off the blog bacon!

Slinks out for a bit®

Cat - that's hilarious in a sick way. Your husband's probably terrified you're gonna be like your grandmother. (Can your mom sell those ancient spices on eB@y or Craig$list?)
My 9-year-old thought he was living on the edge when he ate a poptart that was a month past its expiration date.

SATC was a blast here too. Still recovering... :)
I'll post a humble note when the review's on my blog.

Mmm. Bacon out of a can. I canned wait.

I canned weight, either. ;)

YUCK! I can weight for heifer. ;-P

(No more SATC talk cuz I haven't seen it yet. Gonna meet some friends now. Laters!)

My Dad bought canned bacon back in the 80's. It was way too salty. The only way I could stand to eat it was if we thoroughly rinsed it before cooking it.

It was bacon, just way too salty.

Oh, by the way, the old canned bacon was raw and packed in salt. Yeah, you were supposed to rinse it first! :]

Salt is an age old preservative. Before the Amana family arrived here as poor, peasant immigrants from Amanakistan, salt was the only option for preserving food for extended periods. I think Henry Ford, the chick who discovered and canned pennicylin and Rocky Balboa invented the vienna sausage if you are interested in this kind of thing.

"...so you won’t pay for all of the natural shrinkage that occurs whenever you cook bacon."

I never thought I had to worry about natural shrinkage when cooking bacon. But I will now pay closer attention.

*eying the bacon in the fridge*

Waitaminute...Pop Tarts have expiration dates? I thought they were made out of the same stuff as the shingles on the Space Shuttle.

That's what's so puzzling, Suzy Q.
pssst- SATC post on my blog - no plot spoilers, I promise. The rest of youse, remain calm.

If Pop Tarts have an expiration date, I think Lindsay Lohan is way past hers...

Schade, obviously you never cooked breakfast in the buff. Spatters = Shrinkage!

Hmmmm. Annie, with regards to SATC, I too will "suspend belief." ;}

Watching Fox News Watch just now, they dished on all the media attention being paid to the "Sex and the City" movie -- too much? Cal Thomas, the resident old fogy conservative, nattered on the current continuing rise in STDs and said "If this film had been made in my grandmother's day, it would've been called 'Sluts in Stilettos' ...!" while Jim Pinkerton said he couldn't imagine a single straight man going to see the movie, unless he was dragged there by his wife or girlfriend... Since I never watched the series, I don't have a dog in this fight -- I'd rather dish on last night's Galactica or the Lost season finale ... !


major SNORKS on the splatters=shrinkage comment


re: your link, that guy had a *wedding ring*??? Guessing he bought it on e-bay, 'cause even with a (blue) shirt on, you could tell he had manboobs... (blogettes, am I right?)

Wow, Steve - what an ignorant comment by Cal Thomas. No sluts in the movie. A peek into girl-land, yes, but I think fear of the unknown drives Mr. Thomas. Too bad he has more listeners than brain cells.

Incidentally, you might want to check out Cinemax at 8 PM Tuesday, they've got a movie on, called "Anywhere But Here"...! I'm guessing it's not based on your writings though...

Thanks, Steve. Nevah heard of it, so I looked it up. Even has a character named 'Ann.'

and directed by Wayne Wang, no less. Not that this blog EVER makes fun of people's names...

Cal Thomas has been a jerk since I was a toddler, toddling around in mommy's stilettos of course. I'm not linking today but he has the worst black hair dye job you've ever seen. And his political views are as skewed as his views of women. (IMO)

I used to buy canned cooked bacon for camping trips. You had to reheat it, and it was pretty salty. I think Hormel made it.

I'd swear Canadian bacon has been around for ages.

Oh... oh .... yeah

Heehee! The Jason Alexander/Elton John linky was hilarious. Apparently, there are people out there who are even more bored thank *I* am! (and heh, they said "shrinkage"!)

*snatches down the extra K*

I need peanut butter with a 10 year shelf life. PB & (cold) bacon on bread is still one of the best foods on the planet. Honest.


"The clothes! The shoes! The magical depiction of Manhatten and the promise of finally finding true romance! It's like porn for women. And we haven't even gotten to the sex part..."

Review in the Washington Examiner. You mean women don't like good ol' nekkid American porn.

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