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May 29, 2008


These guys may think that this is a new idea. In fact, it has already been done.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Whatever happened to just painting yourself in silver paint and standing still for several hours at a time?

That Block Head in front appears to be delivering pizza!

perhaps they are clues looking for a herald hunt.

....ti teg t'nod I

And what's with the gal checking her missing watch? Was it stolen while she wasn't looking?

Reading Dave's political snapshot from 1988 was the best part.

They need to learn to think outside the box.

They need to think inside the box!

I think I need some wine in a box.

"We're going to be honest, we're not sure if the fact that the writing on one of the boxes is reversed is some kind of intricate joke that's part of the promotional campaign, or if the photo simply got flipped at some point in the editing process."

Since the jackets button in the correct manner for the respective males and female, the picture was not reversed.

*goes back to sleep*

LOL cg - maybe WE'll get to be box people this year!

This is a shocking disrespect of my privacy.

Just leave the rats alone, please.

Could you please just use the drive-thru?

Hey, we've been looking for those!

Go find another place to walk about.

Whoa! psychic boxy simul!

Yet another reason to vote Dave for President (Yes of the United States), he's forward thinking and ahead of his time! Twenty years ahead of his time!
PS: Dave, I'm still waiting for cash to open a local campaign office for you here in Philly.
PSS: Dave, note how I turned this discussion into a plug for you. I think this shows a natural capacity for a media position in your administration. I was thinking Press Secretary. What do you say? I promise not to write a tell-all book until at least the third week.

Hey box heads. Now that peaks my interest. And then there is this. I was on another forum and a member there has these personal facts and agenda noted as personal information? Is this just insight. Or am I missing something?

Age : 18 years
Gender : Male
posts : 356
Joined : Tue Jan 01, 1970
Location : Deep in the crack o' your ass!

An unnamed Florida county sheriff deputy had a bullhorn and was ordering the crowd watching the boxes to disperse.

"Get back in the canal! Get back in the canal!"

Dave, you should sue them! You had it first.

What some people would do for a job... how do they keep from running into sh!t?

They're telecommuting. Those are their cubicles.

I think they were trying to save their own kind.

that's an interesting story for sure but either everybody missed the headline for this


story on that same page, or i'm (as is often the case) behind the curve. or behind the hill the curve is in front of.


i'm a little behind my customary not quite up to it.

Rick, that's nasty. If you all need to get that image out of your mind, click on the smiling bumblebee link.

I saw that this morning!

Yipes! A snake on a snake.

We got a new little kitten and she loves boxes..... Does that make her a Democrat or a Republican?

Cute video, Sio...smacked that guy right in the cajones, huh?

*snork* si, CJ.

OH and clark, not sure on that. My kitty likes plastic bags so he's NOT an environmentalist.

(more Police)

Box head...
Your hair's a mess tonight
You may discover
Your boss just thinks your head's an evil sight
Box head...
Don't wear that thing tonight
Promote cell phone baloney
Even your mom don't think you're very bright!

Box head...leave off the head fright

I knew you back in school, oh
Now you're such a fool, though
You must save some time with the not grooming
thing, must love the smell of old cardboard
There's nothing to be gained when
The airholes let the rain in
There's got to be a better use for an m.b.a!

*snork* @ crossgirl and the think tank trio (M'ville, Kibby and Siouxie).

And Siouxie - those kids have WAY too much time on their hands...and maybe a little creative talent. ;)

Once again, insom...awesome!

*Applause for Insom, tempered by grumbling at the earwig of an absolutely awful song*

Of course, there's another famous "head" in a box, which actually won an Emmy™ for Saturday Night Live... D**k In A Box. I wasn't able to post it because I could only find the unedited version in my searches.

LOL Wayne, I LOVE "Dick in a box" (the skit)

My daughter is always singing that to me when I go get my "Wine in a box".

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