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May 28, 2008


In Canada, they're giving them up for peace. But in Hamilton County, Ohio, you have to wear them to visit the jail.

(Thanks to DavCat and Bob Brogan)


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throws out "see-through plunging spandex™ underwear" I bought to visit bloglettes in Cinci....I would throw out shoes, but I'm from Arkansas....can't seem to locate any

Also...contact with women's underpants WILL rob you of your powers....just sayin'

Must wear shirts, shoes and underwear?

Why that's...creeping fascism - especially if you're wearing a thong.

"Panties for Peace" WBAGNFARB...just think of the charity gigs!

I'm certain that this causes the Burnese junta to quiver in fear.

*Flings panties in solidarity*

Under the "Most Popular Stories" sidebar to the second link, click "On the Swimsuit Front" and get a surprise...

I don't wanna.

trust me, no Manilow

LOL oh yeah. I got that one via Herald email this week. Another one of Dave's recycled columns.


The campaign plays off regional superstitions that contact with women's panties can sap a man's power.

Hey ... happens to kibby all the time ... superstition! Heck!

One time I killed a badger by throwing my jock strap at it.

Bound for Myanmar: Canadian women's panties
Bound for Canada: American men

Bound in New Jersey: Meanie the Blue

(It's ok - he likes it like that)

Okay, so you have to wear the undies to prison but there's nothing saying you have to keep them on while you're there.

Would these count? They are in fact, wearing underwear...

example 1
example 2

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