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May 25, 2008


British twit celebrity chef Jamie Oliver says women should refuse to have sex with their men if they won't cook.

(Thanks to Annette Gaudreau)


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We could just eat out then, no?


First doing the dishes, now this!

good luck with that.

Does barbecueing count? Microwaving? Gimme some parameters, here!

Somehow I think that would only have disasterous results either way.

no 'toad in the hole' ?

i got distracted by the picture of Gordon Ramsay and thought if he were to make a s*x instruction video...

and now we take you to 'hell's bedroom'

"no, no, no you got to start up there! you're rushing to the main course and she's still cold!
where are your utensils? you can't do anythinng with that! my God , you'll give her a disease if you serve it that way! you're bloody useless! go back and wash up while i finish!"

I suppose a comment about supersizing it would be inappropriate.

'ring fence the money'

Anybody know what that means?

(wishes she had money to ring fence whateveritmeans)

Men who can cook are sexy!

*snork* at insomniac

I thought this - Jamie Oliver calls for sex ban to get men cooking - sxaid "cocking".

*goes to get eyes checked*

Are we having Hot Pockets for dinner again?

Snork! at insom and Meanie!

Mr R does a delightful job at the grill and that is all I ask. A man willing to barbecue is a beautiful thing.

In the kitchen, splattering a mess everywhere and using three times the necessary utensils and appliances and leaving the cleanup for me, notsomuch.

Don't forget to kiss the cook.

*zips in*™

Back in the day when I was married I decided to take a stand on this very issue and said we were going to take turns making dinner and I'd start. Which I did. The next night was his and he brought home KFC!!!

We're not married anymore.

"tonight we shall have bologna sandwiches a la Lysistrata with an orange juice chaser, from the carton, served on a sumptious Brawny paper towel, and eaten over the sink..."

The Twit. Coming soon to a theatre near you. I know someone who got Conway Twitty's autograph many years ago. The autograph was possibly given by an imposter. Having given Robert Redford's autograph in many a dimly lit bar in my time, I can't tell the difference. I'm glad my parents reconsidered at the last minute and decided not name me Conway.

Ray Price

damned imposters. and using such a hoosier first position

Earplugs (giant ones) $18.50. Applicable shipping charges apply.

Happy Meals - not what they used to be.

She's having wieners. Again.

HAH! I'd have liked to see MY ex try that with me. He'd have learned to cook in two days.

ME cook??? I don't think so.

Organic food - not what it used to be.

"Ring fencing" is protecting funds from being diverted. It's kind of the reverse side of pork belly projects in the US.

Frankly, English cooking isn't a standard that I would think should be considered a good thing.

I agree with you, nmu alias, about English cooking.

As opposed to Ring Fencing when it involves taking a profitable segment of a failing business and seeing how the financials would have been if it had been a stand-alone entity.

Gads, I'm a twit, too.

Or as opposed to Ring Fencing when it involves dubious characters, a back alley, and items that may have "fallen off the back of the truck."

I can bring home some bacon,
You can fry it up in a pan,
That. is. all.

No problem. I'll stock up on beanie-weenies. I already own a microwave and I'm sure there's a bowl around here somewhere in this bachelor quarters.

*wonders who does the cooking in Dave's household*

Around here, if you want to eat, and I don't feel like cooking, cook.

Our pizza delivery guy's pretty cute. Does that count?

Annie, no.

Any man of mine'll have to know how to cook. Because I really can't.

Yay for microwaves and frozen food!

Cooking's not so bad. It's like chem lab in college, without the reports. Curry anyone? What sex even if I cook?

Sounds like someone needs to raffle their donut.

I've been looking for a man who likes a woman who cooks. So far, no takers.

My 9-year-old just made his own sandwich - PB & J on white bread. With ketchup and bologna. IANMTU.

Tops my melted Hershey bar sandwiches from when I was a kid by a long shot Annie.

annie...I thought it was 'ruffle your donut.'

he was eating it from the middle first. Hit a big glob of ketchup, twitched, and said, 'refreshing!'

Then he threw it out.

No thank you. I do NOT want sliced hot dogs in ramen(which seems to be Mr. Glix's favorite suggestion)--not once, and definitely not regularly.

Erritrea on toast.... Goody....

I'm fine with it:
I'm a vaginotarian... I ment vegetarian

When I was in the 6th grade, I'd come home from school and make a ketchup sandwich on white bread.

El, I did the exact same thing except it was crackers and not bread and well...mayo and not ketchup.

Close enough, Siouxie - same concept. :)

One of my wife's friends in Ireland said to her one morning that, and this is using the typical Irish idiomatic expression, last night she "had a Chinese."

My wife was stunned by this but laughed when she found out it was just a Chinese dinner.

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