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May 01, 2008


In the 832nd round, the Dolphins have selected Amy Winehouse.


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Boy....Amy HAS sunk so low...

Who hasn't . . .

Such a pretty, delicate young thing.

I think the Dolphins have made a tremendous selection with this pick. While she's had some issues in her past, Ms. Winehouse has tremendous upside. If she puts a little more work in she could be an awesome tight end in this league.

It is a sad, sad day for Miami.

C'mon, you can't fool me, that one with the cigarette, that's Michael Jackson, right ??

As a nose tackle?

The coach will call her number whenever it's time for the nickel package.


(Tnx, Annie ... I needed that!)

She wins the tattoo contest in the locker room.

I know I promised some of you a picture of my daughter as Amy Winecrack

These are some from her bday costume party. I am proud.

PW = susy

ESPN still has a camera crew showing a disheveled and teary eyed Tara Reid clearly disappointed that she's fallen this far in the draft.


Be glad, Miami. Be very, very glad. Pacman Jones is headed for Dallas not your city.

Meanwhile, the Miami Heat are waiting to take Keith Richards

I hope she can withstand the crackback blocks in the league.

But she's gotta learn that the sun glare blackening goes UNDER the eye, and not in little points at the end of the eye.

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