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May 30, 2008


Blogging from me has been sparse because I'm in Los Angeles attending the book industry's big annual trade show, BookExpo America. I ran into several literary celebrities, including Henry "The Fonz" Winkler, shown below in an exclusive CrapCam photo taken by Ridley, who claims the blurriness was caused by poor lighting conditions, as opposed to drugs.
Also on hand was Jazz the DreamDog (on the right):


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wow! the fonz! dont jump the shark out there you guys.

Dave, you had to wear a name tag? Doesn't sound good for the Juggernaut.

That's not a name tag, that's a bumper sticker.

Wow! Neil Diamond! Is Diane Diamond near? Focus.

Scott Adams is there too.

More pics, please. :)

Whew, it's the CrapCam! For a minute, I thought I'd overdone the tequila again.

WOW DAVEBOY, you cannot GET any cooler than being at a book show with Arthur Fonzarelli, thank you for the photo, I love it!


Yo! In order to get the CrapCam (tm thingie) to work better, have the Fonz hit the side of it with his fist.

funny, i always pictured jazzz as taller.

THE Fonz.


*heart flutter*

*heart attack*


(we are not as young as we used to be)

Nice blue shirt, Dave.

Bwahahaha@cg! Evening, Honey.

Although, Jazzzz strikes me as a less vertical guy (i.e., in the croth with a hickory stick).

*holds two thumbs up and joins Margaritaville in saying...*


uh..I thought the OTHER celeb was Scooby Doo. My bad.

Did The Fonz write a book?

Schade, he's written a series of children's books.

Okay, having your picture taken with The Fonz is cool, but I won't be really impressed until I see you with some famous knitting authors like Yarn Harlot* and Crazy Aunt Purl**.

Post a CrapCam picture of you posing with the Harlot's sock, and then I'll be impressed. (Er, in case that sounds racier than it is, the Harlot always has a sock on the needles. She gets people to hold it, or poses it independently in front of landmarks, for pictures. Get your minds out of the gutter.)

If she thinks you're not approachable, she'll just Kinnear you, so act approachable, Dave!

*Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
** Laurie Perry

Fonzie rules!

Quite possibly the only man in America who could accomplish in one hour what it takes Jack Bauer a full day to do...

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