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May 27, 2008


Online bagpipe lessons.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I would like to see it. Hendrix turning a bagpipe upside down and playing it.

"He sits in Japan and I sit in my office here and I have successfully taught him three pieces – The Little Spree, Sir James MacDonald of the Isles Lament and Glengarry's Lament," he said.

It should be four pieces, if you include the neighbor's lament.

Mars Lander Sends Fresh Images.

"We are at the beginning of this. We think there will be an explosion..."

...of eardrums...

It's only the Highland Pipes that cause brain liquification. The rest are fairly pleasant.

A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the bagpipes but doesn't.

(With apologies to the original quote)

When I suggested that I could use my lunch time to learn how to play the bagpipes, my coworker threatened to ... well, I won't get into details in case she needs plausible deniability later.

I offered to practice at the Internet terminals on the other side of the library, but she said it wouldn't help that much.

Gah! Not bagpipes! Shut down the Internet AND throw away all the computers!

I do have to say, though, that at the beginning of my friend's wedding when the piper played Amazing Grace, there wasn't a dry eye in the church. There's something very powerful about that tune played on that particular instrument.

It speaks volumes that the teacher is unwilling to sit in a room full of these intruments but rather teaches from the comfort of his volume knob.

kristie - I had the same experience.

I was crying from pain.

Annie - I hear you. (But not as well as I did before...)

*snork* @ kristie.

I actually LIKE the bagpipes! I couldn't listen to a steady diet of them, but on occasion, bagpipes can be nice. At least these people are taking lessons, so we don't have to be subjected to ill-played bagpipes.

When played properly, bag pipes are beautiful. When played badly, they sound like someone is strangling a goose.

What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?

Conan O'Brien: "On a good day? Lipstick."

A long time ago, I heard someone describe a bagpipe player as looking like someone trying to make love to a stiff octopus.

Not sure why but it still makes me snicker like a 12 year old.

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