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May 31, 2008


The Don't Get Downwind State

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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Kevin Gillespie of the Jackson County Health Department says the roadkill might be smelly and gruesome, but it shouldn't lead to any health risks.

'Nuff said...

Wow, that could be a FIRST posting of roadkill and vultures... no, it wouldn't... signing off...

*rings dinner bell*

Come n' git it!!!

No, really. Come n' git it and drag it over to the shed, will ya?

'for the hogs come home....

In related news, Illinois has experienced a marked increase in the number of roadside taco stands.

SW, that's just wrong... and I LOVE IT!!!

Oh, Man, the kids are gonna eat good this summer!

Road Kill ? In Illinois? A Senator?

Once again, Arkansas is ahead of the curve. We've been doing this for years.

Taco stands in Belle Glade, FL.

When you're all done
And life is leaving you hungry
You can always go

Maybe you passed
A little meat on some carcass
Swing a "U," and go

The Jackson County Health Department boss Kevin Gillespie
Says the roadkill comes in regular and extra crispy
How can you lose?

The legs are much softer there
They've been deboned by the tires, and left with no hair, just go
You're gonna eat, tonight
Everything's free, tonight
You're gonna eat alright now.

Just listen to the revving from your '60 Chevy Nova
You will get more vittles with each gopher you run over
How can you lose?


heh!, awesome.

That possum I passed back there
would be so good with some black beans
and a slice of gruyere,........

Did anyone else notice that the IDOT is only one letter away from a very unflattering acronym?

Have you ever driven on I-70 at and after night fall in Illinois? Coming thru Missouri, the speed limit drops to 55 and the road drops back to two lanes. And then there are at least a billion semi's that you...being the only car on the road (that you can see) will be jammed into. We drive from Wichita to Terra Haute, IN. My husband drives most of the way to KC. I take over and do the I-70 thru KC, Missouri---crazy fast on a really crappy road--and thru St. Louis. He gets the wheel back as soon as we hit the information stop right into IL. That's the part that scares me! Love that big cross in Framingham..LOL!

My point being that we run thru everything with crossed fingers. There is really a ton of road kill and potential road kill out there. I don't think letting it lay is a great idea.

i always thought the dont go downwind state was new jersey..*ducks*

I love the smell of roadkill in the morning...
it smells like Fricasee!

*Catapults a dead hunk o' skunk toward Albany*

(Not that you'd ever notice.....)

Great song, SW, really great

I pity all the Illinois political figures getting thrown under the proverbial political bus right now

as a lifelong Illinoisian (or Illi-noisome), I can testify that autumn on Rte. 2 in Rock County is a lovely drive, as long as you keep your eyes focused on the far horizon, where the hills meet the skies.

Typical conversation: "Ewwww...was that...?"
"I don't want to think about it. Look at those leaves!!!"

They're going to need one of these:


This is exactly why we love our governor.

They're gonna need some Roadkill Helper too ...

And by the way, "posted at 11:37 PM" ... ?? Has Dave been turned into a vampire? Because I hear they're very sexy these days...

I'll have the armadillo... with fava beans and a nice chianti.

*snork* @ Gov. Tyree!!

Land of Lincoln?

You mean, Land of Stinkin'!


Okay, here's the challenge...

Can anyone come op with a good name that acronyms to IDIOT?

Indigenous Dining Omnivores Turnpike ?

The governor of Illinois is a Son of a Blagojevich.

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