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May 27, 2008


Space Beer

(Thanks to DavCat and Jeff Meyerson and sjhaller)


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Dude! I love you guys.

Key line: Researchers said the project was part of efforts to prepare for a future in which humans spend extended periods of time in space and might like a cold beer after a space walk.

Excellent point. I mean, after a space walk nothing goes down better than a few cold ones, right?

Ok, who remembered to bring the bottle opener?

Why leave the party on the ground when you can take your beers with you.

Since NASA paid $19 million for a Russian space toilet, how much do you think it would cost them to invent a space beer bong?

Question: Can the pilot drink and space drive???

EVERYONE sing along now!

"100 bottles of beer on the shuttle, 100 bottles of beer. Take one down, float it around ..."

Oh, that brings up a thought, is there a head?

I wonder how you'd make one of these in space.

Hair of the Dogstar?

Meanie -- get Sirius.

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