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May 22, 2008


Pennsylvania Man Wrestles Deer In Hair Salon

(Thanks to DavCat and Jeff Meyerson)


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The deer "was charging right at my son, so I decked him," Goepfert said.

Soon to be a Fox-TV reality series.

Disoriented Deer WBAGNFARB

Or did he deck his son?

If I had wrestled a buck at my hair salon, I would make it priority one to have his scrotum as a coin purse.

He tipped a buck? Cheapskate.

They had this little kid on the radio show I listen to this morning. Cute kid. They asked where his dad was and he's like...he's sleeping. Wrestling a deer must be exhausting.

Holiday Hair? Maybe it was a reindeer.

D'oh, my hair, my lovely hair...

Buck County? What did they expect?

No appointment, no service. Sorry.

Randy only pawn... in game of life.

Here's a better story - with video.

I live within walking distance of this shop. It was cool.

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