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May 28, 2008


(Thanks to Zach)


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Ask me about Mike Weiner

And I thought MY weiner was most well known.

Here's another candidate that should get plenty of support , mostly from the male population.

First name doesn't begin with an 'I'. Too bad!

Dang, this one's i-before-e. I thought it was this guy.

last time wiener lost to cummins...nuf said.

"As your Commissioner, I will fight hard against crime and stand as strong and firm as a mighty oak against the evils that threaten us. Come with me as I thrust myself into the fight! And I promise to keep coming again and again to this fight until I achieve my goal! This Weiner does not quit until the job is done! Thank you and God Bless America!"

Mike Wiener's running against Ivonne Nelson and Ned Fuller? If Ivonne married Ned, divorced, and then married Mike, she'd be Ivonne Fuller Wiener. Kinda just saying.

or Wiener...

"Oh, I wish he were an Oscar Micheal Wiener ..."

Suppose he campaigns in one of these?

My favorite cartoon of all time:

A hot dog is standing next to his mail box, reading a piece of junk mail that says, "You may already be a wiener!"

The thing is, he kinda LOOKS LIKE a wiener ...

Didn't M.C. Wiener become famous for his song "Can't Touch This"?

Seems like the kind of guy who, if he mustard enough support, would ketchup with the other candidates. I'd relish the chance to vote for him.

Danny, he mayo-bliterate the competition if he plumps up his campaign revenues.

Right. He's a true leader, in the Felix Frankfurter mold I'd say. But he's gonna get grilled in the debates.

The titular head of his caucus - Anita Johnson.

Totally. She'll make sure all the hanging chads are accounted for.

Good grief. You guys are the wurst! What cheesey-puns. Y'all just burn my buns.

Sheesh. Don't acknowledge these puns! They'll just take it as a condiment.

Meanie, that wouldn't be Kosher, huh???

i heard his kid was a little brat...

Nah. Harry's a nice kid.

As long as he doesn't have any links to special interest groups, he should do swell.

Good thing most of the campaign will be during the summer months and early in the fall. Because when it's cold out you can barely see the guy. It's like he disappears.

I was in the pool!

Sure is big in the summer, though.

I think the Democrats should bring in Mattesson's Smoked Pork Sausage to run against him.

With all due respect, Mr. D, but...I personally believe that the only candidate qualified to run against a weiner is DB, POTUS!

what's so funny about "Micheal"?

Your spelling ;-P

*ducks behind Annie*

*smooooochies, Jazzzzzie*

2 snaps and a hot linky, Siouxie!

(sounds like one of Siouxie's kinky board games)

LMAO Annie. Love the hot linky!

Did somebody say hot link?

Holy roast weinies, CJ! Talk about bunz on fire.

Please. Talk about it.

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