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May 31, 2008


Unlicensed line-dancing instruction.

(Thanks to CJrun)


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Vive le Silly Dance!

Mlle: "laissez le bon temps roullez!"

Gub'ment: "fine, as long as we can tax it!"

If you train with a non state sanctioned instructor are you bootlegging lessons?

“I think this corresponds to the individualism of our times,” Mr Chauveau said. Right. A roomful of people, standing in lines, all doing the same thing. Definitely individualism.

if that line gets to big France will try to surrender to it.

sorry, it had to be said.

um, too big

jeez Canadian beer runes my speling


that's why they throw up their (not there or they're) hands when they line dance? Always wondered about that...

line dancing, the new French craze. Who knew?

i think when Texans (nttiatwwt) throw up their hands they are saying "don't blame us just because 'he' used to be our guvner even tho' that means most of us musta voted for him"

but our friends and allies in France (pronounced "frontz")throw up their hands kinda in the same way my first wife threw up her legs.

waaaayyyy TMI, rickh...

waaaayyyy too much Molson ice

Turn it over to Moosehead or some dam thing, then... ROFL!

Does the French army do the Maginot Line Dance?

Two well known frogs invented the 'Chicken' Dance back in the forties.

I believe he was Pierre Laval with his gay collaborator Vichy's Philippe Petite

ROFLMAO to Meanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Journalism school, I was taught to put your best into your lead paragraph. However, the further down in the story you get, the better this gets... Or maybe I just need some Canadian beer.

"He said the French shunned the square dancing ... because it involved physical contact. “They don't want to take anyone by the hand or anything like that,” he said."

Wha-? The French? Apparently I woke up in an alternate universe today.

The French restrict line dancing?

Clown Puppy

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