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May 30, 2008


The UroClub

(Thanks to BillyJoeJimBobO


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*must mark differently than FlaskClub*

It should've been called the "Number One Iron".

methinks a pack of wet ones in the bag might not be a bad addition...

No matter how ya tap, no matter how you dance, the last drop always lands in your pants.

Not to mention the potential for urine. BillyJoeJimbob has far too much time on his hands.

Fore? But what is its Number Two?

And I'm thinking this was specifically deisgned for golfers of the male variety.

Shouldn't they have made it from a wood?

OK, if no one else is gonna say it .....


Isn't this why we save the beer bottles?

[BTW, what's with the always a 15 oz need and a collection of 12 oz bottles?]


"Billy Mays here."

"Watch this..."

I swear it was raining a minute ago. First.

Only a guy would come up with that.

*reminds self never to shake hands on a golf course*

Can I use this to mark my trail while I play?

This hole is MINE!

Guys, don't forget to use the ballwasher when you're done.

Golfer A: I swear, this new putter of yours is PISS.

Golfer B: well, actually.............

Isn't this why we save the beer bottles?

Posted by: CJrun | 08:01 PM on May 30, 2008

cj, don't you even think about going near my bottle collection, that's NOT what i save them fore.

Bring that thing home and it will be UroTrash!


*snork* @ meanie's "ballwasher."

Why didn't I think of that one?

I wish I could remember who said this, I think it was a Harvey Korman I read earlier today:

Wife: How far do you think I am, away from the hole?

Husband: About 20 minutes, Dear.

*Back from the art show*

I don't know much about golf. I did get Hiaasen's new book about it for my bro in law (who's the golfer in the family). We do have some of his left over clubs that my daughter saved (don't ask) and they did serve a purpose last night. We got home and there was a HUGE palmetto roach waiting for us at my door. I grabbed one of the golf clubs and WHACKED that roach dead. Then putted it over to the grass. FORE!! who need Raid™??

I think Hiaasen would be proud. He used his club to whack some frogs over to his neighbor's house.

No he d'int. That sounds like a cg move, to me. That gal just ain't right, where frogs are concerned. If Carl whacked a frog, then I may have to roll up my sleeves on this frog thing.

Don't make me come in there, kids. And quit whackin' roaches with golf clubs! The dang nasty 'German roaches' we get, no mercy. Please tee them up. Palmetto Bugs are completely different and stop whacking them! I'm warning you, I'll come in that room, if I have to. And I'll be wearing the Liberace Hot Pants from MKJ's earlier post, so consider the consequences.

OH MY LORD! No hot pants, please CJ!

oh and yes he DI'ID! he talked about it at the book signing and it's in the book!

And I'm off to bed. Nite nite, blog. Sweet dreams.

Why you pick your battles with wild animals. Only somebody that has never had their @ss kicked by a wild animal would try this. Once.

I was lucky, I was in my 20s when I got my @ss kicked by a stag the size of a horse. OMG, just stop kicking my @ss, if you're of a mind to. Sir.

I genuinely feel that some guy with a golf club, swinging at a frog, takes karma pieces out of my butt.

Hi Kids! I'm back from the outer limits of the back nine universe, commonly known as my computer died. RIP

Med, right there with ya. I ordered a new laptop forever ago, and finally got an e-mail it should be here Monday. This one's missing many keys and apparently suffers from menopause: shuts down when it overheats. Welcome back, Baby! What can I get you from the bar?

I see the Central time zone is here, taking care of things. I must be off to bed, because, well I suppose tomorrow I have to work in the yard and go play in the Bay. I'm still irritated by the frog thing, so allow me to leave with this; no more frog-whacking. If you have a frog problem, please tell me and I'll take care of it, no charge.

There is nobody on Earth that dislikes frogs more than cg, and I suppose I have to wind up eliminating all frogs from her home, but she lives in a (beautiful) freakin' swamp! Hellooooo!?

Nite all....

too much Slice will make you slice...

Where'd everybody go?

cleaning the garage. made me think of This

Mornin' y'all!

Welcome back, Med!
CJ- hilarious deer story! And I knew you would find some reason to wear the Liberace hot pants.
Meanie LOL at "ballwasher"! Urine great form!

So I'm off to Macon to fight Darwin down there today. Later!

Wow! A 3am near-simul!

that used to be a nickname of mine....

makes you think twice about loaning out all your clubs... ewww.

Don't you just know, about six months from now, we're going to see a blog post about a guy in England getting arrested for, er .... teeing off into one of these?

And *SNORK!* @ Jazzz

I see uses for this club for many other arenas. I may not even have to get out of bed at night anymore.



Just for the record, CJ??- No Bufo toads were harmed in any way, according to Hiaasen. He was merely protecting his dog (which I'm sure you know could have died from the frog's poison). He whacked them over to his neighbor's yard and clearly saw them jump around. I didn't want you to hate Carl for harming such an ugly thing ;-P

Now the palmetto roach thing is true and I'd kill again.

Pissin' down a tube? Much easier than pissin' up a rope.

Except when you get stuck, SW.

HAH! Gimme yer best shot, machete girl!

"Except when you get stuck, SW."

Then I just putt with it.

Because the Stadium Buddy just gets too cumbersome on the course.

Yes, SW, we DO mind if you play through.

Slinks in®

From this to this .

I need another Cosmo.

But, alas, it is still morning. Coffee then.

*The movie was great, Charlotte did not disappoint, there was one miserable-looking husband in the theater (but he got a lot of female sympathy), we laughed, we cried, we drank. All I can say is, I want a bigger closet. Eagerly awaiting Annie's blog post.*

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