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May 30, 2008


It's not a fox, but... a few days ago, we rescued some baby bluejays which had fallen out of their nest in a storm. They are doing fine now, though one seems to have poor eyesight and thinks the camera is Mommy.


(Thanks to my son for the photo)


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judi, this should be a "caption contest".

Snork! at Angelina JoMommy.

And your son is a great photographer!

My daughter made a birdhouse a couple of months ago and Mr R put it high in the tree in front, up near the other three birdhouses. We've all become a bunch of birdwatchers lately. It cracks my daughter up how the babies open up their heads so wide for food.

"You will not worm out of this! Seat those delegates in Florida and Michigan NOW!"

(great idea, Siouxie)

and YAY! to the s.b.'s son for a great photo.

Birdie to MommaJolie: "Stop adopting humans and FEED ME WOMAN!"

*jumps up and places comma up there*

Snork at the woman-eating birdie!

Aw, sweet of you, judi! judi, the wildlife crusader!

"See, Ma? See? My throat is red. I can't go to school. No, I don't think today is Senior Cut Day. MA!!!!!!!"

I hope Mom is still around and that you were able to put them back in the nest without getting dive-bombed or leaving behind a human scent that might make her nervous, or even abandon the nest. They're lucky they were in a yard that does not have hungry foxes hanging around, too. This will be a good photo-op and educational too ...

Looking at my above post I realize, "judi!judi!" WBAGNFARB.


LOL I knew someone would do that!! ppppppft!

Birdie wants WOMAN! Birdie wants WOMAN NOW!

Make sure the foxes don't get 'em

Steve, you're always so serious.

Cats? Feeding birds? Calling Hansel and Gretel!

I believe once they've fallen from the nest they are called Blackandblue Jays.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

*smacks* Hammie!

um....they don't look too blue.

*sits patiently for CJ's splanation*

Judi, you have interrupted the circle of life by your interloping. You must immediately return these birds to the wild . . . or Dave's backyard . . . to become food for some lucky rat or fox. The entire Greater Miami-Dade ecosystem hangs in the balance.

steve: yes, they are fine and mommy and daddy are taking care of them. the idea that human smell will make birds nervous is an old wives' tale :) the wildlife care center said you can keep touching them, even rub 'em on your face (why?), and it won't keep the parental units from coming back. we even had to move them to a different tree but they said the parents'll look all around the area for them and will take care of them if they can find them.

Don't touch it, mom will disown it. That thing could be from hell. At least!

So that's how you get chicks!

*makes note*

I think the baby bird is asking for a Florida driver's license.

"you have interrupted the circle of life by your interloping."

It's already interrupted - it's in the Miami area.

Judi, that's good to know but I think it's different with mammals; you often hear of cubs (or other young animals) being found abandoned with no sign of the mother, and I think that's what happened to them. But now that we all have a mental image of you rubbing blue jays on your face (!) I think we can rest content...


Did judi say that there was a fox sited in her back yard?

Female birds have drab coloring; babies are completely drab, making them less visible to predators. It's mostly the male birds that are brightly colored: Peacock, brightly colored; peahen, drab.

*struts out, carrying picture of 'Mommy'*

Hey, brightly colored male bird - color this.

Well, this female bird ain't lookin' drab tonight. Off to my estrogen-fest with my peeps to see our eagerly-anticipated movie.

It's chick-flick night in Chi-town, ladies! Ta ta!

*Wiggles ta-tas into fabulous blouse, puts on fabulous earrings and grabs fabulous purse. Makes sure Mr R. remembers it's his job to feed the kids tonight*

Have fun, boys. Watch sports or something.

*Clinks Cosmos with Annie!*

Whooooo, girl - go Cat R!
300 costume changes, 2 and a half hours....and that's just me gettin' ready to gooooo!!!
(Siouxie's goin' too - she may have left already)

(That trailer was great!)

I heard there's hats, too.

Gotta run! Have a blast!

Slinks out®

Annie, Cat - I'll be going sometime this weekend. Tonight I am off to the Senior Art Showcase Show Extravaganza Palooza thing at the HS.

*keeps thinking..it's almost OVER*

*grabs two Cosmos on the way out*

*turns on blower to clear the perfume cloud in the BlogBar*

[back to captions]

Hey Mom, look! I'm Linda Lovelace!

O..... K...........

Ok, Meanie - help me out here. Should I wear the banana-yellow mini with matching bolero jacket or green velvet tank with spike heels?

Forgot to mention that the mini set is leather, which isn't really very SATC, but I'm in LA, and so it's very LA/SATC, so it could work, especially as a Left Coast statement, but I'm not really sure, plus there's the whole accessory issue that seems just impossible lately because we're like, totally between seasons and does this post make my butt look fat?

Thanks Meanie; I was sure that was an Alligator Snapper in the middle of the tank and was waiting for the Big Gulp, so to speak.

Poor little birdies. Maybe you should feed them some lobster.

Annie, you know, I just can't tell which combination enhances your shapeliness, especially your perfect background, more. It's really a toss up. Really, it is.



Sooo, the velvet tank and spike heels option includes no pants or skirt? Meanie, do your part and consider that option carefully....

(Quiet, cj. This is a matter of survival. You're gonna have to learn to spot a set-up).

Are you guys seein' what you're missing here? Most hetero males won't be caught dead at SATC. Have the guts to show up and there will be tons of pouty girrrls there to choose from. Not that you two can do any more choosin'. But all the rest of youse blurkin' out there sure can. Yes, I'm talking to you.

Allow me to translate Annie's remarks:

Are you guys seein' what you're missing here?
*Yes, it an estrogen fest. We know exactly what we a re missing.*
Most hetero males won't be caught dead at SATC.
*The only guys there will be more effeminate than Clay Aiken*
Have the guts to show up and there will be tons of pouty girrrls there to choose from.
*Who've got their "girrrl power" all charged-up*
Not that you two can do any more choosin'.
*Married guys know better than to go out cruisin'*
But all the rest of youse blurkin' out there sure can. Yes, I'm talking to you.
*The only "hetero" guys that show up will be members of the Skeletons in the Crawlspace Club*

Have fun Cat, Annie, Sioux and other movie goers. Us so-called normal guys will be watching Indy and the Numb Skull.

I hate to admit it, but now that the girls are gone, I can. I've never seen a single episode of SATC. Not one. So I'm gonna hang here at the blogbar drinking dirty martinis and wait for the boys to show up. (I knew that would pay off one day.)

Bali, count me in. Never seen it. Don't care. No interest. All I know is Sarah Jessica Parker is married to Ferris Bueller.

All I know, Guin, is that there was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named 'Elizabeth Taylor' on the show the last season. I know this because I have 2 of those sweet dogs and people keep telling me.

Oh, and I know that "Lassie" from "Porky's" is on it. *Pours another martini*

I've seen a few episodes, when I've been stuck in a hotel room, and it wasn't bad. Nothing I ever laughed at loud over.

I'll hang @ the BlogBar while crossgirl has a bit of an estrogen fest, herself. Plus read and listen to the Soul Man when he comes on WMNF.

Why I love the internets.

*Salutes (no, I didn't mean ...) Bali and Guin for their courage and grace under pressure.*

Never seen it either, and no plans to spend ten bucks on it that could get me six nice cold ones instead.

LTTG butt...I happen to LOVE SATC and keep watching old episodes over and over. I can't wait to see the movie this weekend!

Annie, the leather outfit is perfect...very POSH! I'm thinking of wearing a plant on my head like SJP did at the London premiere. I'm thinking a huge sunflower to go with my yellow Manolo Blah Nix. I'll look FABULOUS!

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