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May 28, 2008



What color is "There's a bear in the pool"?

(Thanks to Ken Morgan and Danny)


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That wasn't a bear, butt I can understand the confusion.

So purple = shark? Or another form of dangerous marine life?

*do not click on Annie's links*

That would be the colour of an involuntary bowel movement, I'm sure.

If the bear gets in the pool, I think it qualifies as marine life. The purple flag ought to cover the situation.

pogo - only if it's a very big flag.

After the Department of Homeland Security came with its color system for identifying the terror threat level, a cartoon had a character on the phone who was eyeing armed aliens emerging from dozens of flying saucers.

"I think you need to raise the warning to fuschia" was the line.

Annie - Nah, it's a little bear, unlike someone's "dangerous marine life".

Damn homonyms.

In Florida, isn't safest to assume that all bodies of water contain dangerous marine life? (Even the puddles created from the lawn sprinklers have marine life that could kill you)


Wake up, Aunt Shelley! I really thought judi meant something different! Don't laugh, I was in the pool!

Which would explain the shrinkage, CJ.

Annie.....do I want to know how you found that photo ?? .....ouch! It reminds me of my single days at 2 a.m. in the bar with the "eye of the chicken".

Which one, Jazzzz? It's been a busy day. Hopefully you're not seeing rhinos in thongs in a bar, oh my.

yes,yes ...the Rhino....you know the old song Went home at 2 with a 10 and woke up at 10 with a 2

I found your 'eye of the chicken' portrait, too.

"Tom Schroder of Universal Studios said..."

Isn't he an editor at the Washington Post? He helped design the Washington Hunt?

I think he may have been at the wrong hotel.

At what point does one say, "Closed to the public--yeah, I'll risk that, but if they catch me swimming with the dangerous marine life, I'm REALLY in trouble!..."

See Camp LeJeune for really dangerous Marine life...

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