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May 27, 2008


This blog is certainly not bitter that despite this blog's efforts, Wikipedia deleted the article on exploding cows on the grounds that, if you want to get technical, cows do not, as a rule, explode. Or so the so-called "experts" say. But we are wondering if Wikipedia might want to reconsider its decision, in light of this article from the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, which contains the following statement:

Blood and gore aren't new concepts for Box, who had an exploding cow in his Pickett book, "Savage Run."

(Emphasis added for emphasis.)


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Clearly they are prejudiced against good humor, Dave. Give them some ice cream.

Don't have a cow, man . . .

Oh, deer . . .

Very mooooving argument, Dave.

Exploding cows: a possible topic for Mythbusters?

I just ordered the Box set.

(Emphasis added for emphasis.)

Sounds like you could have cribbed this phrase from one of your customers back when you were trying to teach business people how (not) to write...

Brilliant idea, Braniff. Maybe they could shoot that one in India.

Could it be that the exploding cow has jumped the shark?
Not when you've got Meanie and Pirateboy defending Dave's honor before the Wiki-geeks! Nice work, guys.

Yet somehow, Exploding bird isn't even being voted on for deletion. Let me be the first to cry prejudice! Even if I have no idea what they're prejudiced against!

All right, fine, let me be the second to cry prejudice! Sorry, Diva.

Annie, we shall not rest. Er, much longer, anyway.

(Emphasis removed for deemphasis).

As my husband often encounters cows in his career, I will have him keep an eye out for any that look like they are swelling, or otherwise on the verge of exploding. Then we'll drag in the Wiki-nerds, give them plastic ponchos, and give them a ring-side seat to the "event".

(Is mixing C4 in the cow feed cheating?)

Too much corn will do that to you.
(Punkin, I know of what you speak - eeew.)

Exploding cows continue to fester too, Dave.

Emphasis added for emphasis

Which is why Dave is Mr. Language Person and you're (not your) not - if you tried to say that you'd be laughed at, while Dave... er, next topic?

Sorry - forgot to change the name back.

Ok..so...what if we sit a cow ...er...I mean cow on an exploding toilet?That would count, no?

Dan Quayle is in dikipedia with no sign of being expunged.

Exploding cows are at least as relevant as Dan ("the future will be better tomorrow") Quayle and many shall argue much more so.

What's next, squirrels are not terrorists?

So...exploding cows don't belong in Wikipedia why?

Isn't that what happens to mad cows when they get really angry?

I thought squirrels were the only animals with terrorist tendencies.

What's the carbon footprint of an exploding cow?
(I am against it either way.)

"What's the carbon footprint of an exploding cow?"

Less than it would have been otherwise.

Exploding cows, yeah right. About as much chance as Bill Gates offering 46 billion for Wikipedia. And they turn him down.

I never blew up any cow,
And never hope to 'splode one;
But I can tell you, anyhow,
I'll learn how-to in "Savage Run".

And then you have that disgusting Wikipedia logo.

Vaguely on topic:
(one of my favorite Johnny Carson skits)

Carnac holds envelope to his head: "Sis Boom Baa"

Ed: "Sis Boom Baa"

Carnac: "Yes, Sis Boom Baa"

Carnac opens the envelope and reads it: "What sound does an exploding sheep make?"

*Gets on geezer bus*

And if it's a male-type cow, when you feed it the C4 the situation goes from abominable to noble.

Fugeddabout exploding cows, it's squirrels with explosives that we should be worried about.....


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