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May 27, 2008



Disturbing video here.

Key Quote From Man Bleeding From Head:
"I'd recommend it to anybody."

(Thanks to sjhaller, Cheryl Howard and Siouxie)


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I'd just prefer mine in a sandwich, thanks.

This is why you never see a bar located at the base of a steep hill.




Or at the top of a hill, Annie.

I just heard that my drunkard cousin decided to step outside the bar to "pee around back". It was pitch black, and he wandered into the woods behind the bar to find an appropriate tree, but instead he stepped off of a cliff.

Was impaled through the neck with a tree branch.

Oh, and he lived.


OMG, Punkin!Too bad the Berlin Wall wasn't there to save him. ------>

YIKES Punkin!

And yes, these people are insane. And stoopid. And obviously drunk.

Homestly it looks my idea of fun,
I wouldn't actually do it but, I'd pay good money to see it.

'It's not fun til someone looses an eye....'

or something to that effect...

Caked in mud they flipped, somersaulted and tumbled 200 metres down the sheer face in pursuit of a giant runaway circle of cheese.

Ah, good times.

If sailors have a "regatta" do cheese- rollers have a "ricotta"?

Yep! That time of the year again. Weather warms up an certain nationalities go knutts... hey, it could have been a stone wheel they were chasing.

Year after year,
They stand on the hill,
The people with gap-toothed grins are looking for a big thrill
But nobody wants to know them,
Cuz they see that they're all just fools,
Bound for the ambulance, they're

Naught but fools on the hill,
See the cheese going down,
But the eyes in their heads,
Can't see why they're such clowns.

Well on the way,
About to be plowed,
The man of a 1000 bruises whooping perfectly loud
But nobody ever hears him,
Cuz the ground now surrounds his face,
And he never seems to notice,

But the fools on the hill,
See the cheese going down,
And the eyes in their heads,
Won't be gravity bound.

And nobody seems to hire them,
They can't tell what they just might do,
But that won't prevent their pursuit,

Cuz the fools on the hill,
Sees the cheese going down,
And the eyes in their heads,
Will be one with the ground.

Ooh, ooh,
Ground the ground the ground.

YAY Meanie!! Very very gouda and a perfect earwig now that Sir Paul has been awarded an honorary doctorate from Yale!

Dr. Sir Paul??

Official musicians of the event. (You can download a few of their songs on the "sounds" page.)

Nice, Chris!

If I had Meanie's lyrical skills (and time) I'd have come up with "Papa Was a Provalone", or the like.

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