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May 31, 2008


This is low.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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That would hurt if you stuck it up your nose.

The woman escaped back to Mexico, Herrera said. Tighter U.S. security and Mexico's deployment of thousands of soldiers along the border are pushing smugglers to try increasingly sophisticated techniques like hiding drugs in sealed beer cans, U.S. officials say.

a. With tighter security, the woman still escaped back to Mexico?

b. Next they'll be smuggling drugs in cans of bacon...

I don't care if it rains or freezes
as long as I have my cocaine Jesus....

This is a really bad idea: first you go to jail, then you go to hell.

*SNORKS* at rebekah!!!!

dang! rebekah, now I've got to go watch Cool Hand Luke to get the rest of the lyrics, so I can abuse them here... be back later... (stay tuned!)

in case anybody cares, on fast forward they're (not... oh, you know) up to the egg eating scene, so the song will be up soon, lyrics on blog to follow... stay tuned...

Drug addict: Dude, what a trip I'm having! I see Jesus!
Other drug addict: No, that's just what it came in.

I don't care if it rains or freezes
Long as I got my cocaine Jesus
Sittin' in the back trunk of my car
Comes in colors white and pleasant
Blows in the nose 'cause it's effervescent
Take it with you when you travel far.

Get yourself a street iguana
Dressed in scales and sittin' on a pedestal of macaroni shells
Goin' 90 I ain't scary, 'cause I got my Bloody Mary
Assurin' me that I won't go to Hell...

And the bidding begins with a minimum bid of ...

*SNORKS* all around... So, if they mixed the cocaine with plaster, um... how are they going to UN-mix it? And what? You lick the statue and get high? Does this work with Garden Gnomes? (Sorry, but I have my dad's engineering-sorta mind.)

Help me, Jesus.

Amazing, Grace

So that's why my dog is always licking my garden gnome!!

*SNORKS* at the song Frodolives.

Get high on God and run from the devil... really, really fast.

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