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May 28, 2008


Deputies Have Leads In Case Of Nude Maid Accused Of Theft

We bet they do.

(Thanks to Kay Myers)


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There was a joke years ago about Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson being carjacked and having their clothes and jewelry stolen. While waiting in the woods for help, Sarah noticed Diana still had her sapphire engagement ring on. "How did you manage to keep that?" she asked. "I hid it, you know, down there. Pity Camilla wasn't here, we could have saved the Bentley."

Hey, it's Florida, it's warm, OK? Sheesh.

I'm waiting for the follow up story where the wife is arrested for beating her husband senseless.

"Nude cleaning service"..
well I'll be [email protected] a country

You mean that a maid hired through an online nude cleaning service can't be trusted?


To answer the question, I do.

But I'm not sure about Annie Souixie the rest of you people!

Suppose that service is for single guys too?

I believe the problem here, is that the homeowner left the house for a service that seemed to need direct observation.

I prefer my nudes dirty. Just sayin'......

It seems she was a dirty rotten crook instead.

I'm guessing the wife found out about the clothing-challenged maid-service and took off with the jewelry before the maid got there.

"Deputies Have Leads In Case Of Nude Maid Accused Of Theft"

Why? Did she leave a trail?

How do you explain this to the wife I wonder. "Hey Honey, guess what?" He was probably asked to clean and decided to have his cake and eat it to. To be a fly on their wall at their next dinner table conversation.

*singing* "Everybody ought to have a maid..."

are you sure its maid???

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